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MFGB has moved!


 (random photo of my luggage and bag at Okadaura station in Osaka) MFGB has moved to blogspot! ! I’ll be keeping this here for your reading pleasure, please continue to comment and support at the new blog (actually I think wordpress layouts totally PWN other blog-providers’ layouts and have yet to really work at the new blog’s […]

(Japanese online gossip source: IdolGravure / Picture: FujiTV) Although second episodes for most Japanese Doramas normally see a dip in their ratings, Saki Aibu’s, Hayami Mokomichi’s and Mizushima Hiro’s (Nanba senpai from Hana Kimi) Zettai Kareshi’s ratings went from 13.1% in the first episode to 14.3%! Now, I only took note of this news cos of you, […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) While attending a PR Event at Kagoshima Prefecture (Kyuushuu) for their movie, Sushi Ouiji!, Nakamaru Yuichi’s bad attitude reportedly pissed off reporters and sullied the honour and “face” of his senpai, Domoto Koichi. The management had arranged for Nakamaru Yuichi to be interviewed by 7 or 8 local TV and […]

(Source: Popseoul!) I was just reading this article on POPSEOUL! and I think the comments section is AMAZING! It’s really funny and you learn some interesting things along the way. Like (if your comment is posted up, I hope you don’t mind! if you do then tell me I’ll take it down 😦 😦  ): […]

*this entry is specially dedicated to drmak or makthemutant as she sometimes calls herself, because she knows nothing about the korean or japanese entertainment circles but everything about the hongkong + taiwanese one. HAHA. * (PS. you don’t happen to be related to Juno Mak do you?? HAHA thought you mentioned some hongkong relatives some time ago) (1) […]