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 This was aired sometime last week(10th March 2008); they got a whole neoprint machine on the set and started taking neoprints (Persons involved: Namie Amuro, Aiko, Matsuda Seiko, Nakagawa Shoko, and the two hosts, Matsumoto Hitoshi and Hamada Masatoshi!) Thought the neoprints were cute!!! ^_^  You can see Hitoshi Matsumoto making the evil eye up there. HAHAHA 

Haha the above two pics are NOT related (left, Koda Kumi, right, Wada Akiko on another variety show when she accidentally let on that she used to be an underaged drinker. ) Okay this was a really short news article: essentially Wada Akiko mentioned on her show “Akko ni Omakase!” (leave it to Akko! — her […]

Madonna will sing the theme song for KimuTaku’s drama that will air on FujiTV, currently titled “Change”. As we all (should already) know, the drama is about an elementary school teacher who somehow gets thrown into the political arena and becomes the prime minister. The ballad that Madonna created for this is titled “Miles Away” […]

Yamapi, currently a fourth year student at Meiji University (omg actually I did not know that), will not be able to graduate this April! His university however, allows people to graduate in September but Yamapi reportedly said that ‘graduating in the Summer is not a bad thing’, indicating a preference perhaps for a summer graduation!