Ayase Haruka is the real Baka


(Source: Keywordjiten) Well, according to recent leaks at least, Ayase Haruka is the REAL number 1 Baka (stupid person) in the entertainment world.

Comparisons were made to other celebrities like Kinoshita Yukina and halfie-looking model Suzanne, whose claim to fame are their air-headed and baka-antics,  but who are, when the cameras are not around, steady characters with self-awareness and not that stupid after all.

In contrast, Ayase Haruka reportedly can’t even read secondary school-level Kanji characters and “doesn’t think of consequences”. There are times when some fellow talents ask her for her number with secret intentions that are plain for all to see. At least, everybody else present at the set knows it, EXCEPT Ayase-san herself — that is , he wants to have sex with her but for some reason she is too dense to realise that. (either that, or she is a willing party, no idea!)

In a bid to prevent Ayase from getting pregnant, her company apparently issued an order to her to “preserve her chastity!”  

30 Responses to “Ayase Haruka is the real Baka”

  1. 1 fatfish

    hahaha that is dam funny

  2. and wHY?! hahaha

  3. 3 upper east sider

    i think she just likes to play dumb. i mean, it doesn’t matter. it sells! in Japan at least, where ditzy and childish is patronized. why would hello project invest in some teeny boppers barely out of their puberty if that’s not the case? lol sad, sad!

  4. 4 makthemutant

    i want to talk to you.
    hahaha. why aren’t you on msn. 😦

  5. 5 vvv

    uh…i don’t get it.
    So if someone ask for my number it means that they wanna have sex wif me?

  6. 6 upper east sider

    to makthemutant: are you referring to me? lol. if so, i use ym. how do you use msn anyway? haha sorry for being so not tech savvy. i just love ranting/critiquing and spazzing. if that’s even a real word. lolXOXO

  7. 7 upper east sider

    ooh btw add or view my lj at icecapades.livejournal.com. i do fashion, music, drama, tv show reviews tooXD

  8. haha no makthemutant was talkign to me! but yes im at your blog now exploring it… \(^_^)/ you’re lisa’s friend right?

  9. 9 fatfish

    WHAT are you going to do about your 200,000th hit????????

  10. 10 lisa

    YESSS U AR ALL MY FRENZZZZZ <3333 hahahahah

  11. 11 upper east sider

    haha oops my bad, yeah i’m lj friends with lisa! we bonded over rants! and right now i’m dodging dagger looks from fangirls who hated my reviews on je lol.

  12. 12 upper east sider

    omg i’ve been living under a rock. i dint know ayase haruka did gravure? sorry unrelated post, but because i wanted to look for ayase’s pic you posted i came across some OTHER ones. lolol. made me blog about it. here’s her photos and some other stars http://icecapades.livejournal.com/4658.html

  13. 13 you're an idiot

    wtf? Ayase Haruka got into College and not many celebrities like her got into college! Therefore, she KNOWS KANJI otherwise how is she gonna read the script? Secondly, she’s only a sexy bikini model like many other japanese female celebrities, I swear that the nude photo of her must be photoshopped, otherwise, there’d be thousands of AV videos of her + more nude pix. But does it? NO. Therefore, you’re an idiot. Just gossiping and critisizing about a great celebrity. Oh! and about how she can’t tell whether guys want to have sex with her? That’s just cuz she’s has a SLOW REACTION. At least being slow thinker is better than people like you judging and critisizing others. Get your facts right retard. Are you jealous? Because she’s more talented that you? That’s just sad…

  14. 14 Rheiy

    Thats absurb.! The way Haruka talk and act,means she’s intellegent enough to know the emotions wriittten in the script..
    Are you that Jealous of her?

  15. i LOVE HER AT boku no kanojo wa cyborg……

  16. 16 Sam

    shes hot anyways

  17. 17 May I add something more?

    i respect all of the comments that sharing here.By the way i would like to tell that there really be an AV videos that she acted in. I have found that someone had it and generously sharing it.
    If u say she ‘s not acting in AV video I think it’s quite not true.Not speaking of jealousy or anything just let u know some truth.

    • 18 pew

      hi can u gv me link 4 the AV video which ayase san acted in. i promise not to spread out or anything.

  18. 19 koji

    i don’t care. she’s hot. have you seen her pics?

  19. 20 koji

    damn. so sexy.
    I think the real baka is you.

  20. 21 Yui

    is that true? could you pls share some AV of ayase haruka….

  21. 22 ray

    Haruka Ayase is my favorite Japanese actress, pretty, talented and I loved watching her in“Crying Out love, In the Center of the World”. She apparently makes a mean okonomiyaki too!

  22. 23 Iceman

    I wish I can have her number. Anyway, bimbo or not, I love her just the same.

  23. there are some artists out there who are smart but they are paid to act dumb
    it’s kinda sad making people believe that they’re stupid but in reality they’re college grads or smarter than the viewers…

  24. Haruka is VERY gorgeous! She’s also a decent actress

    • 26 London

      ”Have watched two films starring Ayase, both were very good.
      Haruka has the looks, who cares if she could or can’t read.
      The Lady has made her name in the tv, film, magazine.
      Hav’nt see any AV of this hot idol around, so stop wetdreamin shrimp.
      However, theres be some photo shots of this babe in a bath tub topless but could be fake photo or just some film scene., Main concern is Haruka is a good actress how have delievered her roles and being a gorgeous model”

  25. 27 Kokoro

    I love Ayase Haruka! She’s the best! Ever!

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