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(Source: Uraurageinou) So apparently, they are nice people!!!! *fangirl attack* The TBS dorama remake of the KBS drama, Maou, which is to be screened in September this year (oh fick school would have started) has started filming. Ohno and Toma’s care for staff on set as well as their fighting spirit have also, become¬†newsworthy enough […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) What’s up with all the remakes? I finished my exams today (yoohoo!) and the first piece of interesting news…. another remake. We know Hollywood’s running out of steam, remaking everything from Sympathy for Lady Vengeance¬†, My Sassy Girl (saw it somewhere on Popseoul!) , The Eye, The Ring, uhhh… anymore? […]

Rough translation: Interviewer: … It was reported that he perspired 3 litres of sweat! Ohno: Because it’s a 2 and a half hour play, it was like perpetually being in a sauna. *laughter all around* I don’t know what this costume is made of but it’s really freaking hot. Interviewer: It is hot, desunee?? Ohno: […]

Haha i mentioned this in last night’s post, and since somebody thought there was some slight resemblance too i thought i’d spam photos of these 2. I don’t think they look cOmpletely alike tho.. just that i thought of Ohno when watching Death Note so…. ^_^

Okay this is an older picture because Nino’s hair is now long-ish but he looks better with short hair! Anyway read an interesting blogpost about Arashi’s new Single – Step and Go! – and its amazing first week sales. (Read the post i’m talking about here, and watch the MV for this single here) I […]