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1. TBS searches for the next Gakki for the dorama version of Koizora (Sanspo and Tokyograph) TBS has announced that it is producing a television drama based on “Koizora,” the mobile phone novel that became a hit movie last year. The film starred Yui Aragaki and Haruma Miura, and both saw their popularity rise after the movie […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou Some Maki-frenzy stirring up over there it seems. A Japanese TV station (TBS) even paid a surprise visit to Maki’s house, conducting an impromptu interview with her mother. Interviewer: Have you heard anything about your daughter returning to Japan? Mrs. Goto: No I have not. Interviewer: How did she go overseas? Mrs.Goto: Privately. Interviewer: Can you say […]

This will be a super abbrieviated post. 1. Takeda Tetsuya – Kame saga rolls on (Japanese source: Entame) According to YTV’s variety show Narutomo, Takeda Tetsuya (omg I thought I’d never be reporting on him again: read the previous entries on him here) has sent Kame a LETTER of APOLOGY for exposing his private troubles to the media. […]

Thanks very much to punkey who left a comment at my old post about Arashi + scandals. These are not photos I want to wake up to! OH NO! Anyway there are more photos at the link which punkey left, the others of which did not REALLY interest me. Nino and GoMaki totally don’t go […]

(Source: Goto Maki’s blog) Short post before I dash out for lunch. We’ve had all the Yoon Eun Hye – Kim Tae Hee – Song Hye Gyo sel-ca no-makeup photos, and they all look pretty “good” (which makes one wonder how many sel-cas they went through to get that, but probably not many. GENES! ARHHH) […]

This photo was taken from her blog, which is currently up again! It was reported here that she had closed down her blog last year (11th December 2007), amidst scandals/negative press surrounding the arrest of her younger brother, Goto Yuki. She had re-opened it yesterday however, and posted the quite sudden /shocking news that she is in […]

Former Morning Musume + Hello!Project artiste Maki Goto has left Up Front Agency (and uh yea, Hello!Project, haha!) for AVEX!! the Mega Mega label with artistes like Ayumi Hamasaki + Koda Kumi!