Fascinating Faces: Devon Aoki, then Ai Tominaga


┬áThe following are from February 2008’s Vogue Nippon. Devon Aoki! British-Japanese model based in New York.




The following are from Chanel Haute Couture Spring 2008 :



so she gets to hold hands with Karl Lagerfield. Ah.


Ai Tominaga at the same show too. She looks Chinese-y here. So to do her justice I found a better and slammin’ – er photo of her from the Dior SS 08 show:



12 Responses to “Fascinating Faces: Devon Aoki, then Ai Tominaga”

  1. 1 lisa

    lol i love the last photo. and devon aoki actually looks like a barbie its quite scary. when i saw the first photo i actually thought she was a mannequin….

  2. I was around your age when I first discovered her.. HAHA mixed until so cool hor

  3. 3 fatfish

    theres a girl in my church who looks EXACTLY like Devon Aoki!
    she’s like 6..

  4. 4 sunny

    tell miyavi i like him

  5. 5 sunny

    good night oh and i love the make up

  6. 6 appalled.

    ai tominaga “looks Chinese-y here” – ” So to do her justice” ???
    you just said a mouthful there.

  7. 7 robert akihiko tominaga

    this is robert akihiko tominaga.
    I`m emperor of gods world.
    1.RA,soleil,cosmic sunshine.

    these are the gods I claim to be.


    • 8 akihiko tominaga

      carolyn kennedy will return to usa as royal

      • 9 akihiko tominaga

        mr.kennedy of college of san mateo was my proffesor of political science

  8. 10 akihiko tominaga

    weather report storm cosmic sunshine in tokyo. yamato nadashiko izanagi
    is ancestors of japanese ,i cannot say this is a relationship with san francisco
    and america.

  9. 11 akihiko tominaga

    the japanese might distaste relationship refering to yamato.
    spaceship yamato is used.

  1. 1 Theme party

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