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(Click on the pictures to go to the official websites.) (Don’t you think the posters are wonderful?) The Magic Hour is directed by Koki Mitani who also happened to direct my all-time favourite Japanese movie ever, Welcome Back Mr.McDonald. (Seriously, go watch it.) Just watched the trailer for The Magic Hour and it promises to be […]

1. Didn’t the dance sequence with the cane remind you a bit of Namie Amuro’s Play album? (especially Hide&Seek) 2. Can Leah please open her mouth bigger when she’s mouthing the words? HAHA 3. I think she looks weird in the box, but anyway the video was released a few days ago, the single will […]

To be aired next month on the 10th of April 2008 on Fuji TV! Click on the image for the official website. Nishikido Ryo apparently acts as Masami Nagasawa’s abusive boyfriend! Well this dorama is supposed to be about domestic violence or something of the sort. I also noticed Juri Ueno’s photo at the top left hand […]

It was released on 8th March 2008 in Japan! (Same day as the Doraemon Eiga! as mentioned in this recent post) For those who don’t know katakana, let’s learn four new characters! Above from left: Ku – Ro – Sa -Gi. Click on the image for the youtube trailer! Yamapi, looking a bit more than normal like Show […]

  Who is Kame talking to? (okay very stupid question considering the title of this entry) It’s….. Kuroki Meisa! (wOw!) half-South American, half-Japanese, born in Okinawa. These are screen captures from the jdorama One Pound Gospel (aka 1ポンドの福音 or 1 pound no Fukuin), which has just finished its run on NTV in Japan. It is a dorama about […]