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Haha this is a few days old – read it in the sg newspapers and thought it was funny. but then i read uwasako’s entry on it and maybe it’s late + im tired (and omg i have school tmr morn) but i thought it was LOL-funny. esp the little bird wants to fly part. […]

Snakes and Earrings (or Hebi ni Piasu) is written by Hitomi Kanehara and is apparently some cult classic in japan (and the world, I think it has even been translated into what-looked-to-me-like Czech, or was it Polish. Because I was surfing around for photos of the book covers. One day, far away, when my jap […]

Haha just a thought (too much time on my hands) what about Coffee Princes Kim Dong Wook (left) and Kim Jae Wook (Waffles guy) being the Korean Nishikado Sojiro and Mimasaka Akira??? Matsuda Shota (left) and Abe Tsuyoshi (right) –> both of whom look only so-so to me. HAHA.

It’s out, ladies!! All the angst and the violence we see here… PROOF that TOP can be Korea’s Domyouji in Meteor Garden!!! HAAHAHA pleaseplease let some Korean casting agent suddenly miraculously learn english and read my blog hahaha

  Can you believe it? (Okay if you can’t this is the link to the Chinese newspaper website) I felt so sad for Jolin after reading it! This was apparently the most candid interview she ever gave(to Apple Daily of Taiwan if i’m not wrong) and she never once mentioned any names (but we all […]