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Ugh! Apparently Gummy’s MV will be out tomorrow or something. There were reports saying that after news of Sandara Park and TOP’s kiss scene broke, netizens started searching furiously for it on the Korean google (although my Korean teacher think it’s way better than google) naver  and YG Entertainment felt “surprised” that Sandara Park was […]

After I watched Hana Kimi I was very excited to learn about Ikuta Toma’s new dorama, based on the anime Honey and Clover (which I didn’t really like… but then again I just watched one episode. prob should’ve given it more chance hah) so anyway I sort of got distracted and forgot about the dorama […]

 The following are from February 2008’s Vogue Nippon. Devon Aoki! British-Japanese model based in New York.

Big Bang will advertise for Baskin-Robbins and their cool new commercials will be out mid-march! (Source:here) now we’ve seen this: will we see them in this(below)? HAHA ok ok not vv funny but just a thought  GD! ^_^

Former Morning Musume + Hello!Project artiste Maki Goto has left Up Front Agency (and uh yea, Hello!Project, haha!) for AVEX!! the Mega Mega label with artistes like Ayumi Hamasaki + Koda Kumi!

Work has been scarce for TWINS ever since the Edison-Chen-sex-scandal incident, so if a job comes along the two girls can’t complain. Recently (last friday I think) Twins attended this promotion event at Shenzhen and one of the high-ranking staff (AKA the CHEEKOPEK) rushes up the stage, drunk and –> zooms in on Ah-Gil (Gillian Chung), then –>