Kuroki Meisa is officially dating “Ken”


(english online source: Tokyograph)

In the latest issue of Friday, (wonder if its still the latest issue) the mag reported that Kuroki Meisa is dating a Japanese musician based in New York called “KEN”. He is said to be in his mid 20s while she is only 19. Wow. I didn’t know that.

It goes on to say:The couple apparently met in New York as early as three years ago. Earlier this month, a reporter witnessed the pair leaving Kuroki’s Tokyo apartment. They split up, but met up again an hour later. Later than night, they returned to Kuroki’s apartment holding hands, and KEN spent the night there.

Kuroki’s agency has confirmed the relationship but was quick to state that there are no plans for marriage.

KEN works together with an American musician as a producer duo called 2SOUL. They have created music for artists such as AI (in particular, her hit song “Story”) and Ayaka Hirahara.

For some reason I think the whole Ken musician thing in New York is really cool. Like Nana. I dont know why that occurred to me. Did I tell you that i also greatly dislike kuroki meisa :< she always gets to act with all my favourite actors!!!! T_T :<<<<<<< granny mentioned it before she dosent like meisa either haha. and now she has a cool nana-ish boyfriend :< :< :< granny will flip, she likes nana alot.

oh well! i want to share with everyone DBSKs new song, but i will wait till the PV comes out 😀

3 Responses to “Kuroki Meisa is officially dating “Ken””

  1. 1 mils

    meisa shes just beautiful not kawaii ish gurl, and as for her geting to act with ur fav actors then she must be doing sumtin right…. hahahaha 😛

  2. 2 I left a reply

    Finally someone who shares a same dislike for this girl who gets everything!! Hahaha…actually I don’t dislike her, I just envy her. Lately, everytime I see a drama with a handsome lead actor, she pops up and becomes the main love interest.. and I always go “What the ****?!” Heheheh. Well the girl can act and she isn’t overly annoying and too cheerfully cutesy. She’s always playing down-to-earth characters. I do think she is gorgeous. Thanks.

  3. Lisa says>> LOL. well the feelings the same i guess!!! heheheh it is sort of envy turning into dislike, like a fangirl. >: D but i do think she is cutesy though, when i watched crows zero then she suddenly became this cool singer i was like wt **** too!!! hahahaha. ah well, props to her! and your welcome ^^ (though i dont know what your saying thanks for!)

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