Show Luo replaces Edison Chen to endorse Pepsi



Well we all know why. (sex scandal) But anyway,  it is official! The Pepsi Team will make an official appearance on the 1st of April, 2008 – this includes Lee Junki, Leo Ku and Jolin Tsai (who congratulated her buddy of course). Leo Ku called Little Piggy (Xiao Zhu, his nickname) an obvious choice.

 Show Luo said that actually he had been advertising for Pepsi since two years ago, just not its cola, but its Soya Bean drinks and potato chips. (haha) So he told his friend at the time that he was working with Pepsi, who was very excited – but when told it was just soyabean and chips, his friend said, “soon it will be your turn, don’t worry.”


(Source: here)

7 Responses to “Show Luo replaces Edison Chen to endorse Pepsi”

  1. 1 Lisa

    jay chous face just looks so bad there.. am looking foward to pepsi commercials for lee jun ki <33333

  2. 2 sleepy

    i think jay looks good no matter what, haha 🙂

  3. 3 rting

    actually show luo ( is xiao zhu, not leo ku) is not a replacement of edison, he’s in the list of endorsement artistes, aligned along with edison. just that THAT incident broke out… =\

  4. haha i know he’s xiao zhu, did i write smth else?!?!!? oh no will check. and yah i just read yday’s (or day before’s) chinese newspapers which said smth about xiao zhu NOT being a replacement, or at least pepsi releasing tt statement. thanks anyway ^_^

  5. 5 showlover

    lol show luo is such a goood choice compared to edison.

  6. 6 likha

    aku nggak ngerti bahasa internasional jadi yang baca belajar bahasa indonesia dulu zaaaa!!!!!!! show luo aktingnya lucu buanguts gokiillll banget i like that !!!!

  1. 1 marketing plan

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