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(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) **the photo on the left is just an old photo of the couple from a long time back, and has no immediate connection with this present report** Haha Kudo Shizuka was spotted at the gynecology department of a Tokyo hospital on 8th May, sparking rumours of her being pregnant with […]

(Japanese online gossip sources: Widegeinou, Bubka) Remember me cursing a stupid magazine called Bubka? Well well I’m back on the narcotic again. Just click on the link to bubka and get initiated to the world of tabloid-dom. Strangely I don’t really BUY tabloids here.. If i were living in Japan that may change. Haha. Anyway […]

Aragaki Yui in Specs! (looks a bit like Hebe already right!) This was unfortunately the only pic of Hebe in specs I could find.. .HMMMM. Hahaha but I admit they don’t REALLy look alike in those full-frontal shots, hence my cunning selection of photos. But just slight resemblance in some ^_^ More photos!   Both […]

Boy am I late on this one (and it’s actually because I didn’t recognise her Kanji name while at for the past few days, HAHA oops) and in any case she’s been under the radar recently anyway. And the ONLY dorama I saw her in was in Long Vacation, where she was KimuTaku’s student.