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This will be a super abbrieviated post. 1. Takeda Tetsuya – Kame saga rolls on (Japanese source: Entame) According to YTV’s variety show Narutomo, Takeda Tetsuya (omg I thought I’d never be reporting on him again: read the previous entries on him here) has sent Kame a LETTER of APOLOGY for exposing his private troubles to the media. […]

( Japanese online gossip source: Entame) (Related posts: Kago Ai suicide, Kago Ai’s return to Geinou-kai, Kago Ai’s apology)  Entame’s reports are supposedly from the exclusive interview Ohmy TV had with Kago Ai which I couldn’t find on youtube and haven’t bothered trying again since. In any case, the guy you see on the left […]

(Japanese online news source: Sanspo)  Kago Ai revealed on TV Asahi’s “Super Morning” show on 7th April 2008 that she had attempted suicide. ( I must admit that this was also in the Entame source quoted in my earlier entries, except at the time I was befuddled by the katakana– リストカット — which reads risutokatto. […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Entame / Related post on this site: here) Okay I have about 7 minutes before I have to dash off for class so here is the low-down in point-form: * I couldn’t find the full interview on youtube yet, just many copies of the same “teaser” in the earlier entry I’ve posted here, […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou) Not having appeared in front of fans since February 2006, former Morning Musume member Kago Ai apologised on 4th April 2008 on [Nashimoto-Geinou-Ura Channel]’s show. (Widegeinou says February 2006, but Wikipedia cites her official departure from media activity at around early 2007) Just some background information, which can be found on her wiki entry […]