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(Japanese online gossip source: Idolgravure) okay I know I’m late on the Kitagawa Keiko-plastic-surgery pictures, but since there’s some other gossip on K.K thought I’d just slip this in. Shocking eye-augmentation eh?? Anyway some time back in March, it was announced that Kitagawa Keiko would play the lead female role in the comedy, Handsome Suit, […]

(Japanese online gossip sources: Widegeinou, Bubka) Remember me cursing a stupid magazine called Bubka? Well well I’m back on the narcotic again. Just click on the link to bubka and get initiated to the world of tabloid-dom. Strangely I don’t really BUY tabloids here.. If i were living in Japan that may change. Haha. Anyway […]

(Japanese online news source: here) According to, Erika-sama (as they called her, haha!) will return to the UK and/or Europe in the middle of this month. I didn’t see this information at other news sites though. They also said that she was present at the shooting of her CM yesterday and arrived in a […]

(Japanese source: here/ English source: here or here) First read about Sawajiri Erika’s return at but it didn’t have much, then stumbled upon some juice!! (Click on the english source for the whole real deal!!) Anyway, she is back after a three month hiatus, following the public backlash to her “betsu-ni” incident. She will start work on a […]

Since my sister is playing the piano and I can’t study with all the music, I shall post about Sawajiri Erika! Just read in today’s mypaper that she is apparently getting married! WELL, they reported a while back that she wanted to get married, and a bit before was the “Betsu-ni” riot — at some […]