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This post was inspired by the comments left at The DBSK Credit Card post. Now I know DBSK doesn’t (Should DBSK be singular or plural btw, can’t decide.)  ALWAYS ALWAYS stand in the same order, but for like official things/the most part… HAHA. Shall reproduce the funny comments.  Fatfish commented : do they have to stand in the same […]

Just a short news-stub-thing from here, Osaka Asahi reported that Koizumi Kyoko will act as a mother in a new short film titled Daikon, to be screened this summer. I kinda like this photo (left) of her, very cool + artsy. In related news, the Chinese press translated the Takeda Tetsuya news thing 3 hours ago. Click here to […]

 (I will not be listing EVERY DORAMA in the list – only those that interest me HAHA. for the full list please see here.) In 1st place, Katori Shingo and Takeuchi Yuko’s Bara No Nai Hanaya (The flower shop with no roses, what a sweet title!), with 18.58%! (FujiTV) In 4th place, Oguri Shun’s Binbo […]

What will they be on next, stamps? EZ-Link Card? In Japan the EZ-Link equivalent is suika I think.. which also means watermelon. And its mascot is a little penguin. IF I’M NOT WRONG. Apparently it’s only available in Japan though, and these were pictures from their Yokohama concert. Anyway thanks to the site from where I […]

STRANGELY I’ve totally missed this out! And was just watching NewS interviews on youtube on Sunday… BLEAH! So anyway (chinese source: here, there were japanese sources but i REALLY need to finish my essay – same essay I’ve been yapping abt– so can’t translate =/ ) Apparently it was reported in FRIDAY that Tegoshi went […]

Found two more pictures of him, one in normal hair the other in Jin-hair. haha related: Akanishi Reiho(Jin’s brother) to debut in movie

Okay it is slightly different, the width of the stripes and material (Kame’s one here looks fuzzier). Haha but I just found it amusing – the photo of Edison Chen was some advertisement on the FLOOR in Taiwan. So we’ve the same style of long-sleeved T spanning Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan. And actually […]