Nagase Tomoya and Saki Aibu


(Japanese online gossip blog source: Gazou Daisuki)

Well actually the more interesting gossip article I found today concerns Abiru Yuu (there, I’ve given you the link to Uwasako) the supposed girlfriend of Yamapi who is sighted hanging out with her ex-bf from Da Pump (omg, we used a Da Pump song for cheerleading back in sec school! haha) But since it has already been translated i figured I’d just give the link and put a photo here of…

Nagase Tomoya, the former Mr. Hamasaki, with Saki Aibu (whom I’ve never heard of until now.)

Thus a link here to her wiki entry. So what if these two people are together!? My sister thought that Nagase would marry Ms Hamasaki. I guess that would be a sort-of happy ending. Anyway.

Going to watch anime now, lousy day and wanna just vegetate + rot. bleh.

11 Responses to “Nagase Tomoya and Saki Aibu”

  1. 1 TheSwedishFan

    Lover your Gossip blog! More, More, More!

  2. 2 duchess

    i like aibu saki in zettai kareshi.

  3. 3 ratushay

    i think they made a cute couple.^^..aibu saki is one of the raising stars nowaday~ minna should check out her acting skills such as zettai kareshi n utahime….kakkoi desu!

  4. 4 Ayu's Fans

    I hate nagase!!! he so quick forgot ayu
    they already together for more than 7 years!!!
    en now…. he’s with another girl and ayu still alone T.T

  5. 5 Tap

    by the way what’s the reason behind the breakup of ayumi and nagase?

    i love nagase…that’s all i can say

  6. 6 phat

    I feel kind of bad for ayu. I heard that if ayu and nagase were still together, they were suppose to get marry in 2007. I think ayu is too good for nagase anyway but i think she’s getting kinda old and i think she should have someone to love her and i think she should start a family by now.

  7. 7 misosiloo

    i love aibu saki in ZK!!!

  8. 8 patt

    i luv you .. tomoya ><"

    i happy if you feel happy that you do ^^

  9. luv you.. tomoya ^^

  10. 10 ika

    i like tomoya’s acting and singing, thought he’ll end up with Ayu. so is it really he is with Aibu Saki?

  11. 11 cremy

    I hope ayu can also find someone to make her happy and more mature 🙂

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