Utada Hikaru: then and now


(Japanese online blog source: Purichou) Think this is quite old but I saw it for the first time today. Haha.

31 Responses to “Utada Hikaru: then and now”

  1. 1 Mich
  2. OMg thanks so much mich!! O_O i think all the good stuffs are hidden away in forums.. but i never can be bothered to sift through all!!! rushing for family dinner now will prob upload the photos (with due credit of course haha) here so it’s easier for lazy people like myself to find! THANKS ONCE AGAIN! ^_^

  3. 3 honeywhiska

    oh god, not baby pics again. that was back when she was skinny. when she was really pretty and could actually sing live.

    look at her now. she looks like a fat japanese girl… with the short hair and like slutty outfit

    she used to be soo skinny what happened? and she can’t sing. boa kwon can sing, utada can’t. she sux at singing. i pwn her in that field. she’s ugly now too but most of all why is she so fat and such a bitch? it’s like get a PMS chill pill or something. she never shuts up, i’m glad her husband divorced her that damned bitch. i hope she just rots over and dies. like god… she deserved everything coming to her. she is such a talentless bitch and hoe. i h ate japanese people

    • 4 Utadarocks!

      you are just jealous that she know two languages and can speak them fluently, the is not fat and she did not get plastic surgery! if she did, then her nose would be even on both sides, but it’s not, it’s kind crooked. boa got plastic surgery. i believe that you cannot sing for if you could you would be famous, but you are not. you are too a racist. you are jealous Utada has a strong voice and is famous in Both japan AND the U.S. those pic were taken when she was 15 and YOUNGER! you cannot possibly compare them to her now. ever heard of growth, puberty perhaps? well, i guess not, because otherwise you would not be so ignorant as to rant on Utada Hikaru!

    • 5 minno

      actually, although i’m not utada’s biggest fan, she sings beautifully. boa voice is too nasally and annoys me 😛 i’m not sure about anything else (plastic surgery, blah, blah, blah, etc….) but her singing kicks boa’s flat ass…….

    • 6 Elliee

      i dont understand why your on like every damn thread badmouthing her….do you have a life? I doubt it. people like you cant comprehend true talent. f*** off and leave hikki alone.

    • 7 myl29814

      how racist can you be? you know, no one is forcing you to look at anything, if you don’t like what you’re seeing, just close the window.

  4. 8 HikaruForever

    honeywhiska, you’re such an asshole. Why you so pissed, honey? You know you can’t be any better than Utada Hikaru. You want her to be on a diet and go dead skinny like ugly Korean BoA? BoA sucks like hell. She can’t sing at all. I hate the way she sings. Her fake mouth goes all the way down when she try to sing Japanese songs. That motherfucker got plastic surgery on her fuckin’ nose. She’s trying too hard to be perfect. She’s an ass just like you you ass. And you know that’s true, you fuck.

  5. 9 HikaruForever

    You’re so cocky that you think skinny people are pretty and can sing. That’s the dumb-ass thing anyone can ever thought of. I hate Korean wannabes, THEY ARE THE ONES who think they can sing and get the same surgery look which only makes them uglier when they grow OLDER, FATTER, and WRINKLIER. Koreans are so scared of Americans that they called up just to apologized because the stupid Korean guy killed some people in a college. That’s even stupid-er than the Korean guy who killed the people. Oh, yeah, their byterz and imitaters. piece.


    hope that she can make her own us debut without need to sleep with producer…..

    u know like that producer claim that aguiileera and stone are really music whore….

    • 11 kenny wei

      she is her own producer. she produces and write her own songs.

  7. 12 Lina

    lcdjsd(m): You actually beiieve that bullshit? You must be a retard. She’s been married once and now divorced doesn’t mean she’s a sexual bedder to release a debut in US as well as in Japan. Gosh, people don’t respect well respected artists like Utada Hikaru but ya’ll hella freakin’ love BoA or should I say Leah Dizon the pornography. Well, too bad your opinions won’t change a thing as well as mine.

    I’m happy as long as Utada Hikaru continues to be the Queen of J-Pop and J-R&B.

  8. 13 hikaru fan

    honeywhiska u fucking ugly dog… I bet u don’t even have half the talent of Utada Hikaru… I hate people like you who write shit from their ass… say what u want about Utada.. she’s laughing all the way to the bank! I hope you rot over and die.. this world would be a better place without a useless motherfucking ugly pathetic bitch like yourself.

    • 14 kenny wei

      laughing to the bank, that’s a good one, and true, she is rich… assume since she is a singer

  9. I don’t understand, what is lina said, utada is best singer in the world.

  10. 16 Janet Lim :)

    I like the way she sings and she’s so laid back and down-to-earth!!Whoever said she’s a bitch must be truly mistaken.It’s impossible!Utada Hikaru is far less plastic than most celebs. I’ve liked her since I was 12…so many years have passed yet I still liked Hikki as much as ever! She is not the type to obsess about her appearances like Jolin Tsai or Ayumi Hamasaki.
    I LOVE HIKARU’S VOICE!Her voice’s thick and stretchy to me,and I like those types:-) Personlly I find BoA’s voice irritating, it sounded so hollow and thin. Hikki’s voice had more volume!!!<3
    GO HIKKI,GO!!!

  11. 17 Shii

    Utada got cancer…and she gained alot of weight due to that. She is not fat at all, and short hair suits her. If you think shes fat, go to America and see the overwieght people there.

  12. 18 Janet

    Hikki’s got cancer?Where did you get the info from?Omg I need to know!!!:(

  13. 19 HikkiFan

    honeywhiska, you can change your name to fuckingwhiska. Utada Hikaru is THE BEST out there today. You can chage your fucking ideas about her. You see how many people are her fans? You’re never going to change the way her fans think of her. 3 words for ya, “GET OVER YOURSELF!” You dont even know her, and you’re bashing her like that? ASSHOLE!! Utada Hikaru is the best and will always be the best. Who’s with me?

    • 20 kenny wei

      Utada is the best!^^ singer^-^i don’t think she got plastic surgery and she wears little make up if any

  14. 21 BiahBeisa

    Nothing seems to be easier than seeing someone whom you can help but not helping.
    I suggest we start giving it a try. Give love to the ones that need it.
    God will appreciate it.

  15. 22 Hikki no dai suki

    ”Before the release of Utada’s third album, Deep River, the artist eventually underwent surgery after being diagnosed with an ovarian tumor, causing Utada to put her promotional activities on hold.”

    from wikipedia

    to honeywhiska,shut the hell up!!!!!!!!!!!

    you don’t know wat r u talking about. You are just the most SUPERFICIAL person i have ever seen in my life!Utada is the BEST singer in the world.all you can say about her is that she is just fat and short but nothing else.about her vocals, she can sing better than most of the j-pop artist and yet you say BoA is better than her. Hah, don’t make me laugh.she can’t even sing,juz a wannabe.she can’t even write and compose her own songs. but utada WRITES and COMPOSE all her songs herself.she even sold 40 million copies of albums and singles worldwide.this proves that she is popular and well-received by the public. Maybe you are juz deaf or too shallow to understand what Utada’s songs meant. Juz like i said, SUPERFICIAL.

    the world would be a better place if people the with the likes of you die and rot in HELL.

    I am with Utada all the way.

    go go go!!!!!

  16. 23 Penguin

    Yea utada had a tumor but got it removed quickly thats sad she had to go throught that a young age 😦 i love her dearly shes a great singer and writes produeces and arranges all her songs by herself t



  17. 24 Anberu_chan

    dude what are you talking about she can sing, dont say mean things about her.
    shes come along way respect her.

  18. 25 Sachan

    This is pretty intense.
    In my opinion Utada is an awesome singer.
    You can hear the emotion in her voice.
    She’s also very beautiful, and short hair suits her very well.
    Honeywhiska has some serious problems.
    Unless you actually know her you cannot say something like she’s a bitch or a whore. That’s not right.
    You seriously need to grow up.
    BTW-BoA is definitely not better.
    Her voice is thin and she has nothing special to her.
    She is the “average” who was lucky enough to make it big.
    I don’t mean to hate on her but she has no real talent in singing.
    She’s the SMAP of women talentos. (I love SMAP but even they know they don’t have talent. They joke about it a lot.)
    She can dance well though.

  19. 26 Celine

    wow i just now found out that Honeywhiska, your the same one hating on utada all the time lol. you even put up a thread called “i hate Utada” haha wow immature
    i dont know why you hate her so much but you have no right to judge her like that. you dont even have good reasons to hate her hahaha. stop trying to make it look like you have a good reason to say crap about her. hating on her because shes “fat” and because of her physical features hahaha please, that is the sorriest crap i have ever heard. shes not even “fat” anymore. not like she ever was, a bit chubby i could say, but nothing beyond that. saying she is talentless and a “whore” because of that? hahaha SHIT. you dont even have any facts to prove that shes a “bitch” or a “hoe”. if your going to say that at least have facts to back it up. and “slutty” is waaaay off. hahaha so far, utada is probably one of the most respectful, decent, naturally beautiful artists out there, so i dont know where your coming from. she hasnt even shown anything beyond her belly button or legs, shes a conservative artist, and totally down to earth, and thats whats awesome her. i dont think she even got plastic surgery, she just plucked her eyebrows and upperlip, those are probably the only major changes, besides her hairstyles.

    honeywhiska, you barely even know anything about her to justify your claims about her. you dont know her period. youre probably one of those people hating on Utada, and saying crap about her, just to piss off true Utada fans. hm well you did it? you happy? haha well im a bit annoyed at the fact you keep leaving hate messages about Utada, but im happy too. wanna know why? because the more crap ignorant people like you go around saying, the more we can just prove how much of better person Utada is then your low behind. And how much of a talented, wonderful, beautiful singer she is. F.y.i. on your hate thread, Utada actually writes and composes all of her own songs and is perfectly fluent in English and Japanese. she speaks english perfectly without an accent. and your saying that her english sucks…hahaha obviously you have no ears. you dont even have a right to say that, or anything bad about her, since youre just a hater. and Utada never even said she thought she was better then Ayu stop trying to make more reasons to hate her. and youre bagging on her singing just because of First Love. how ignorant of you to base your opinions off of one song, she has plenty of other good songs, yet you say a bunch of other crap about her because of one. and when she sang First Love she was only 15 years old and just starting off. her vocals werent as good then i admit but your taking it too far saying that “it sounded worse” and all that other crap. i thought her vocals were actually good for her age. so far, you just made yourself look like an ignorant,jealous, uneducated bitch hating on Utada. stop making yourself looking so stupid. and whats sad is that youre also making other true BoA Kwon fans look like ignorant fools so i suggest you stop leaving your dumb hate messages everywhere. i love Boa Kwon and Utada Hikaru, but youre seriously one ignorant hater.

  20. 27 yummeeceline

    I mean seriously, you are so foolish to want hate Utada for such undeniably stupid reasons, and ignorant for saying all that crap about her just because your a Boa Kwon fan and want to make her look better then Utada. You dont have to say such stupid shit to make BoA Kwon sound better then she is. Youre just making yourself and all other TRUE BoA Kwon fans look ignorant and dumb. I love BoA and Utada but i have to say that i think Utada is much more talented then BoA, though BoA is a wonderful dancer. Utada is a wonderful, and powerful singer. Her vocals are stunning. I dont know what your thinking honeywhiska to say all that shit. Some ignorant person you are.

  21. 28 Annnie

    her facial features look the same.i guess its the makeup..makeup do wonders!

  22. wtfuck, you don’ t even know Utada honeywhiska. She’ s the exact opposite in what you described of her. So get you facts straight, because your naive, asshole insults can’ t change what we think about Utada.

    1. She has a beautiful voice, and a beautiful appearance to match.
    2. She’ s down to earth, in all her interviews.
    3. She’ s the queen of jpop, so lay off!

  23. 30 HEDI

    honeywhiska, go to hell!!!!!
    I luph Hikki since she was 15 years old n my brain always feel comfort each time I hear her songs..She’s a best singer, nice person, n multitalented..she had a beautiful voice n like me she’s chubby ^^
    N OMG her English so fluent (altough she’s a Japanese), make me jeaolous -_-
    I luph BoA too, but honestly Hikki more better on singing than her..BoA is a great female dancer but actually her voice so ordinary..
    Honeywhiska, even you didn’t like someone, don’t be so racism like that..didn’t you know that everyone had plus n minus..no one perfect in this world except The God..or maybe you think you’re God?????
    *gomen, if my english bad :-p*

  24. I enjoy, cause I found exactly what I used to be taking a look for.
    You’ve ended my four day long hunt! God Bless you man. Have
    a nice day. Bye

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