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(Japanese source: here – gossip website of dubious reliability) After 10 years away from the spotlight, X Japan started out their comeback concert on 28th March 2008 2 hours later than scheduled, keeping almost 50,000 fans on the line – which, incidentally, included celebrities like Imai Tsubasa, Yada Akiko and her husband Oshio Manabu. The reason? Yoshiki had forgotten […]

(My source is here.) It has been decided that Sugizo will stand in for hide, playing his guitar part for the hide memorial concert held at Tokyo Dome from 28th March to 3rd April 2008. Yoshiki had designated Sugizo for the role ( I remember reading two years back about Sugizo’s red hair even after […]

hide died on May 2 1998; the summit this coming may will feature acts by other bands including Luna Sea + Dir en Grey. (more news: here) I only got into X Japan like, 2 years ago and was re-watching all the funeral clips + live concert clips during christmas 06 (yes, damn sad. my sisters were […]