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I failed to study the whole day, but at least I learnt something important from watching TV. Southern All Stars! I’d only heard of them once before on Domoto Kyoudai, when Yamapi said his idea of a perfect date would be to go to the beach or something while listening to Southern All Stars. Keisuke […]

(Source: Oricon) Well well, DBSK stayed for 2 days on top and has claimed the throne for Oricon’s WEEKLy Ratings! “Oppa, hwaiting!” cry the millions of Cassiopeias. However, it is nowhere to be seen in today’s ranking, not even in the Top 10 (picture below. click here, to go to Oricon, only valid if you’re seeing this today, […]

(Japanese online news source: Sanspo)         Leah Dizon attended the launch of Softbank’s JAPAN TEXTURE’s new limited edition range today. What distinguishes the phone from others is the distinctive Japanese designs which are categorized under two headings, “Yuzen” or “Paint”. Yuzen is some form of fabric-dyeing method. If you’re more interested in the phone […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Idolgravure) okay I know I’m late on the Kitagawa Keiko-plastic-surgery pictures, but since there’s some other gossip on K.K thought I’d just slip this in. Shocking eye-augmentation eh?? Anyway some time back in March, it was announced that Kitagawa Keiko would play the lead female role in the comedy, Handsome Suit, […]

(Japanese online gossip sources: Widegeinou, Bubka) Remember me cursing a stupid magazine called Bubka? Well well I’m back on the narcotic again. Just click on the link to bubka and get initiated to the world of tabloid-dom. Strangely I don’t really BUY tabloids here.. If i were living in Japan that may change. Haha. Anyway […]

Deshou deshou?? One difference I did spot in hunting their photos though… with Misaki Ito web searches I get a whole lot more bikini photos than with Shibasaki Kou. Result of different career paths probably.

(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) Breaking my MFGB-cold turkey. MWAHAHA. The rankings for the week 21st- 27th April 2008 are out! If you want to compare them with the previous week’s, click here. 1. Gokusen 3 with 24.8% — Gokusen 3 stays on top, but down 1.6% from 26.4%. [NTV] 2. Last Friends with 15.6%  […]

Instead of studying/sleeping early, i ended up watching KBS’ Star Golden Bell challenge when I saw this guy (above right) who bore a resemblance to Yamapi! Pointed it out to my sister who agreed to. Found out he was SS501’s Kim Hyeon Joong… have heard of the group name but never really gave any real notice… […]

(Japanese online news source: Sanspo) Even though I’m quoting Sanspo, I’m actually going to be regurgitating out what I read from Singapore’s chinese tabloids a few days ago. Was surprised to read that Hong Kong’s Stephen Chow actually collaborated with Shibasaki Kou on this movie (though not too surprised to find out that it was […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Idolgravure) Well this is not the first time that Oguri Shun’s rumoured to be taking a break. Idolgravure had also reported in January 2008 that he was going to take a break,but it was apparently rather unjustified (so I don’t know how reliable this source is this time around!) Okay the […]