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HAHAHA don’t you think? In this particular photo of Ayase Haruka at least! ^_^ But even in her other photos there is SOME resemblance you think you think?

Guess who’s back!! Watched Koizora (all the rage in Japan now) on the plane back to sg last night, and it was ooookay lah. However, Miura Haruma in action really reminded me of Singapore-based China-born actor, Qi Yu Wu!! (above right). BUT THEN, Miura Haruma i realised, has many faces. He looks quite different picture to […]

(Japanese online blog source: Gazoudaisuki and Agazou) A very suspicious and seemingly baseless photo has been circulating round the Japanese blogosphere, with netizens and fans alike claiming that the rings on Uehara Takako and Akanishi Jin’s fingers are the same and deducing from it that the two have gotten back together. Okay I’m slow but I […]

(Japanese online gossip sources: Widegeinou, Bubka) Remember me cursing a stupid magazine called Bubka? Well well I’m back on the narcotic again. Just click on the link to bubka and get initiated to the world of tabloid-dom. Strangely I don’t really BUY tabloids here.. If i were living in Japan that may change. Haha. Anyway […]

(Japanese online blog source: Gazoudaisuki) If you squint hard enough it says 2006 at the side I think. Anyway Ryo looks rather pissed off while Jin, at least, is smiling somewhattt. and they’re not sitting very close together anyway.     Haha random snitbit. schnittbit. snapbit. snipbit.    

(Japanese online gossip source: Entamegeinou) I think the source alleges that Shirota Yuu “stole” Kitagawa Keiko from Akanishi Jin, but I’m not too sure cos 1) no time to verify with online dictionary 2) don’t really follow news about Jin + whowho girls 3) didn’t want to sensationalise this too much. Kitagawa Keiko looks more […]

(Look at the top right hand corner: 赤西仁 and 城田優 – Akanishi Jin’s and Shirota Yuu’s names are there! Well apparently this is not the MAIN story of the latest Josei7 hahaha relegated to a small corner)                  Spanish-Japanese Shirota Yuu, whom I only ever saw in Hana Kimi! Jin […]

(click on the left photo to watch his audition video for D-Boys – he didn’t get thru that one though) (on a side note, the picture on the extreme right is that of Korean Actor Jisung – from All In, starring Song Hye Gyo and Lee Byung Hyun. I think Akanishi Fuuta looks like Jisung!!! […]

OMG just read this off the net. (I’m about one month late, this was posted in February) Will paste the link below! I think it’s so stressful to be a wardrobe manager!! (but what a cool job though) provided… you don’t get stuff like below!!! Kame and Hero!

It’s cool to look like a girl!! Here’s just some pixel-spamming of the girly-guys we’re all crazy over today!