JDorama Rankings: Gokusen 3’s first episode ratings a whopping 26.4%!


(Picture: NTV website / Article- Japanese online gossip source: Entame and news source: Mainichi)

As of 21042008!

The power of fan-girls and cute young Johnny boys reveals itself in the 26.4% ratings of Gokusen 3’s first episode (19th April 2008)! (But let’s not forget that Gokusen 3 has the SATURDAY NIGHT time slot, so maybe in addition to excited fans more people just had time to switch on their TV then.)

Anyway Gokusen 3 takes number one place in this week’s viewership rankings.

*edit 22042008: now we know why kimutaku’s CHANGE schedule dates had to be postponed!!! har har har

 2. TBS’ [Around 40] with 14.95% (featuring Amami Yuki)

3. FujiTV’s [Last Friends] with 14.90% (featuring Nagasawa Masami, Ueno Juri, Eita and Nishikido Ryo)

4. Asahi TV’s [Puzzle] with 14.10% (featuring Ishihara Satomi)

5. TBS’ [Ryouki Teki Na Kanojou] with 13.50% (This is the Japanese remake of Korea’s My Sassy Girl!O_O)

6. FujiTV’s [Zettai Kareshi] with 13.10%

7. TBS’ [ROOKIES] with 12.20% (The one with Shirota Yu haha. Haven’t read the storyline but the whole look + feel gives me a Crows Zero + Gokusen feeling. You think? Anyway it started screening on the same saturday as Gokusen 3. Just to give things some perspective)

8. AsahiTV’s [7 Nurses] with 10.55% (Featuring Shaku Yumiko — the teacher in Stand Up!!)

9. FujiTV’s [Muri Na Renai] ith 9.85% (featuring Sakai Masaaki)

10. AsahiTV’s [Kimi Hannin Janai desune?] with 9.35% (featuring Kanjiya Shihori)

11. NHK’s [Battery] with 8.85% (featuring Nakayama Yuuma. The guy Johnny Kitagawa wanted to groom)

12. NTV’s [Hokaben] with 8.80% (featuring Ueto Aya)

11 Responses to “JDorama Rankings: Gokusen 3’s first episode ratings a whopping 26.4%!”

  1. 1 blaire

    hmm, interesting. hokaben didn’t fare too well. where is the aya ueto magic? proves ryo wins over shige. attention please. lol at what’s his name johnny wants to groom. nobody knows him. no one cares.

  2. 2 H no Granny

    \O_O/ That’s like a KimuTaku drama in terms of ratings. Oh well, Nakama Yukie with good-looking, young men is a TNT formula.

  3. 3 lisa

    oooooooo i cant wait to watch gokusen 3, just to see what its like. i have a feeling….it’ll be the same. i want to watch last friends!!!

    and the rookies show right, i was reading manga on my manga site and the name striked my attention but the storyline didnt lol. i may watch it for shirota yuu, but i think i want to try zettai kareshi first XD i read the whole manga.

  4. to blaire: haha personally though i don’t really *see* the aya ueto magic. but maybe appeals more to jap audiences. as for nakayama yuuma haha people half my age are prob gaga over him, and they’ll be the next generation of power consumers 😀

    to H no Granny: your comment reminded me of kimutaku’s dorama (change) being postponed! like we all knew the rescheduling was for ratings purposes but this was case in point man! hahaha

    to lisa: as in the rookies’ title caught your attention but the story is boring?!!?!? hahaha and yah gokusen 3 will be the same thing with different (not so cute ) actors. none of them scream out to me. but i just gotta see one episode to confirm that there are no cute actors. hahahaha.i want to see how they fare in their second episode (what’s zettai kareshi about?)

  5. 5 lisa

    lol its a typical shuojo about this robot guy…. who is sold to a girl to be her bf blah blah blah you can read it at onemanga.com :> yeah lol the title attracted me heheehehe

  6. I can’t wait to watch Gokusen 3rd season… It great JDorama…

  7. 7 hidetoshi

    why does it have 2 be compared with takuya’s drama since almost ALL of his doramas are high in ratings, like 30 above even.

  8. 8 bb

    why did you tagg shirota yuu ?

  9. Rookies stars Shirota Yuu in it!

  10. miura haruma is the best!

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