Korean and Japanese stars at LV Opening in Hong Kong



The chinese newspapers online made a big deal of the white-black contrast thing. Haha. Anyway the LV opening took place last night in Hong Kong and stars galore! Zhang Zi Yi was there as usual to steal the show (but I don’t really like her, so I won’t put her photo HAHA. Gong Li all the way!) to announce her marriage with that filthy-rich-mogul-who-likes-to-fondle-her-in-public.

One funny thing: Apparently, when Lee Junki was at the airport the reporters asked him about Gillian Chung. When he heard her name he immediately raised a finger to his lips and said ‘shhh’ and tried to stop the reporters from asking anymore questions. When the reporters wouldn’t let up on him, Lee Junki resorted to saying “I Love Hong Kong!” At that moment, a fan from somewhere shouted out, “You Love Hong Kong but I Love You!” (HAHAHA)


Apparently Choi Ji Woo got mistaken for Kim Hee Sun -_- but the trip-up was made in Cantonese so Choi Ji Woo didn’t understand nada — but is probably frowning at the newspapers now, OR if it wasn’t reported in the korean newspapers then frowning at her agent who’s telling her now. I wonder if agents, in these situations, just pretend NOT to know or fess up to their big stars. dunno don’t care. haha


Choi Ji Woo arriving at the Hong Kong airport.

4 Responses to “Korean and Japanese stars at LV Opening in Hong Kong”

  1. 1 bunta

    She is the epitome of my perfect woman. She has that vulnerable side that makes her so appealing. I wished I was at that party. =P

  2. Choi Ji Woo was very beautiful, sophisticated & elegant in her pink dress that evening in LV party. She’s the best dressed that evening, the envy of lot of people. Whatever anybody said, she’s the best.

  3. 3 Lin

    Why would Lee Junki be asked about Gillian?

  1. 1 Choi Ji Woo gets woopy and drunk at LV party « My First Gossip Blog

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