Doppelganger: Misaki Ito and Shibasaki Kou


Deshou deshou?? One difference I did spot in hunting their photos though… with Misaki Ito web searches I get a whole lot more bikini photos than with Shibasaki Kou. Result of different career paths probably.

Shibasaki Kou’s eyes are HUGE here though

Looking for Misaki Ito’s Shiseido CM pics almost HUNG my computer. OMG.


6 Responses to “Doppelganger: Misaki Ito and Shibasaki Kou”

  1. 1 lazyprince

    hahaha i got a doppelganger photo for u if u like
    i was a perv and took a photo of a stranger..

  2. ???? SEND IT TO MY EMAIL hahaha you stupid i thought yo uwere a pervert until i saw your email address….

  3. 3 random

    Wow, these two look nothing alike!!!!! I can’t believe just because they are both Japanese women you would put them together as “twins.” Misaki Ito-san’s face is much rounder than Shibasaki Kou-san’s is, and their eyes are totally different shapes.

  4. 4 Ikke

    What? They look nothing alike!

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