Kitagawa Keiko made to wipe Sawajiri Erika’s ass?


(Japanese online gossip source: Idolgravure) okay I know I’m late on the Kitagawa Keiko-plastic-surgery pictures, but since there’s some other gossip on K.K thought I’d just slip this in. Shocking eye-augmentation eh??

Anyway some time back in March, it was announced that Kitagawa Keiko would play the lead female role in the comedy, Handsome Suit, slated to open this fall. Well the story goes like this: apparently, the part was meant for Sawajiri Erika before she flounced off to London with her Ojisan-lover and all that jazz. There were also rumours that Shibasaki Kou was supposed to get the part, but guess they went along with Kitagawa Keiko in the end, who was a second-choice for the movie. Nevertheless, ever since her Asahi TV dorama “Mop Girl” last fall, this is seen as Kitagawa Keiko’s chance to “Step Up”! She’s so young anyway.

Not much of a catfight/scandal right (if you’ve read on until here) HAHAHA well yea im just translating what i can find to make up for the hiatus. \(o^_^o)/ (to Lisa: my improvised version of Yunho’s smiley)

30 Responses to “Kitagawa Keiko made to wipe Sawajiri Erika’s ass?”

  1. 1 H no Granny

    Too bad… Erika Sawajiri may be a bitch, but she’s one of the “better” actresses in their age group.

  2. 2 makthemutant

    well to be fair, it’s not like she was particularly ugly in the past…

  3. ahhaahahahhahaha yeaaaaa but compared to her now. BTW she appeared in Tokyo Drift: Fast and the Furious you know. As Riko or Rinko or something like that!

  4. 4 milkshake

    I saw her baby pics in some sites a year/2years ago. I think she’s natural.

  5. 5 Holly

    she should of gotten a nose job as well >.>;

    • 6 Panda

      No, it’s perfectly natural.. and seen her eyes without make-up too. 100% natural. :))

  6. 7 hoshin

    Its natural , unlike ayumi or mai kuraki,she doesn’t look horribly different .
    Ppl often change as they grow, like your nose could be flat when your a kid and then develop as a more sharper nose later on. her lids arent that big comparing to her kid pic,
    celebs use glue or tape . i used tape too , cause i dont have eyelid , taking it off in 3-4 hour , i have them and my eyes look bigger, it also helps if you put makeup on .

  7. 8 Random Person

    I think make up just made her look alot prettier that’s all because people always say this person got plastic surgery when the past pictures were ugly but you can see some similarities in the pictures, so i think it is just the beautiful art of make up!!

    • Keiko is just as gorgeous the way she is she not haveing any ANY plastic surgery shes cute just the way she is

  8. 10 eyemo

    Well, it doesn’t make any sense to say plastic surgery compared to a picture of an 11 year old!!! Who would look like a model on that age? Only like on little kids pageants which I hate because the poor kids are made up into little prostitute like creatures…

  9. did Sawajiri Erika really undergo plastic surgery?

  10. 12 me and myself

    i actuallyt like her.. she’s pretty & cute.. i watch her movie ‘Dear Friends’.. such a good movie.. you must watch it.. she good in it..

  11. i’m a fan of keiko-chan. but i’m neutral when it comes to judging. i happened to find keiko’s pics when she was around high school, and it was natural. well, of course eye makeup can make girls eyes a lot better. i have narrow eyes but when i apply smokey eyeshadows and eyeliner and mascara, bang, my eyes look a lot bigger and prettier. her first drama was sailor moon live action as sailor mars, and she was pretty and natural, now seeing her in mop girl, tokyo drift, and dear friends, she didn’t change a lot. it’s just she didn’t use much makeup back then in sailormoon… gotta love her.

  12. 14 waqas

    i love kitagawa keiko

  13. 15 blank

    Erika is a much better actress than keiko obvisiously. if keiko was to play Erika’s part in one litre of tears she wouldn’t be as good. Keiko wrote in her blog that she respects erika and how mature erika is. Keiko was saying she never wanted to be an actress anyway.

  14. 16 phat

    dear want to know, WTF? Erika didn’t have plastic surgery. Erika is a natural beauty all the way! That picture is keiko! You can tell that when erika was younger she still looks the same and did not have plastic surgery. Your eyes must be blind if you can’t even tell that erika is a natural beauty unlike others!

  15. hahaha beauty come from inside, no matter HOW PRETTY IS AN ERIKA IT WONT BE ENOUGH IF SHE HAD “THAT” KINDA ATTITUDE. i like keiko much more than erika though i am not her fans…. at least keiko doesnt named herself “princess’ as what erika does.

  16. Hmm, looking at the school photo, I’d have said she’s just grown up.
    When I was 10/11, I was… haa… unkempt shall we say.
    I wasn’t very attractive to be honest.
    But I’m 15 now and you do find your face changed shape quite a lot.
    Being one of Keiko’s fans, I’d have to say I admire her in every way shape or form.
    Bullied in High school. Jee, that sucks right?
    But she made it through and now look at her? She’s amazing and I bet everyone who bullied her wished they hadn’t.
    Plus, make up helps a face. A lot. 🙂

  17. 19 Anonymous

    I think it’s natural change. I know my nose used to be flat and Asian-like but now it’s pretty tall and standing upright. If I were a celebrity, people would think I had surgery. It’s only because they’re celebrities that people talk. It’s also called makeup. They make people look better for a reason. Plus, I’ve seen a lot of ‘pretty’ girls at school, who, when they one day forget to wear makeup after many days of heavy makeup, become soooooooo ugly. Makeup does wonders.

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  20. 22 YUCK

    I don’t think theres much difference at all !
    that was back then and now she’s older so who cares about the past !
    and she looks the same without any make-up on though

  21. 23 april

    This is not keiko!! This is Erika sawajiri!!!!!!!!!

  22. 24 tam

    No, it’s april

    ahhhh but seriously, that’s totally keiko in the picture. Oh, and erika wins hands down for acting.

  23. 25 dime rose

    erika sawajiri is a natural beauty because she is not a pure japanese…her mother is algerian-french!

  24. 26 antiKIRK

    she’s hot…

  25. 27 doleh

    that picture is stupid! keiko was just 14yrs old in there. while the one beside it is a pic from seventeen magazine almost 5 years after. make up will always change how a person looks but that doesnt mean they had plastic surgery. i’ve been a keiko fan from day one and yeah, she looks different from before but thats how she matured.. her face also matured.. seriously guys?

  26. 28 shei

    I think she is perfectly natural. you know make up just make her look prettier.! 🙂

  27. 29 ATD_Filipino

    almost every celebrities has a topic about plastic surgery so i think its because of our curiosity that’s why we made such complicated things like comparing old pictures and the latest one, saying like “that celebrity take under a plastic surgery” something like that…… CURIOSITY because of their Beauty….

  28. 30 cutiejhyll

    I think its what puberty does to girls. I used to remember my face is a bit different when I was a little kid then became prettier as I grew up and matured. I love keiko’s face especially with no make-up

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