Lee Dong Gun’s brother murdered



A picture of Lee Dong Gun with his mother and brother (so young!)


The news has been out for some time already; I first read it at popseoul. 2 South Korean students were attacked in Sydney, one died on the spot (Lee Dong Gun’s brother) and the other one is currently in critical condition. It doesn’t seem to be a racist act of violence as the two murderers are apparently Asian themselves (though Chinese, as opposed to the two South Korean victims. –> then again asians may be racist against themselves, sigh! but i’ll just stay tuned for more news first)

there’s a video report of the incident here, but it takes quite a while to load.


Footage from the CCTV camera.

update: new entry with links to videos regarding the incident

16 Responses to “Lee Dong Gun’s brother murdered”

  1. 1 marny

    It’s just really sad and terrible news. I heard this news from my friend that studying in sydney, and she went to the crime scene. she said there was alot of police.

    fist i thought it was only a gossip…. but when she showed me the news from internet and video. i was really shock!

    really hope he can cope with the situation.

  2. 2 Lisa

    thats absolutely awful, i watched the video and ……. i cant believe it

  3. 3 CHONA

    I felt so sad for Lee Donggun. I love him and I don’t want him to suffer. I will pray for your brother’s justice.

  4. It’s really sad; his brother was so young.

    Incidentally, racism is based on conceptualisations of the ‘Other’. It doesn’t matter that both were yellow-skinned.

  5. haha tts why i added that asians may be racist against themselves.. cos other blogs were reporting that it was racist and when we think of australia + racist attacks we normally think of whites vs asians /aborigines but then the news got out about the chinese attackers so yeaaaaaaaaaaaaa

    im not dumbbbb mak some japs are racist against chinese + koreans (racist mangas etc) hahaha but i guess its easy to think tt sb who has a gossipblog is sort of dumb ^_^

  6. 6 makthemutant

    am very sorry i didn’t mean to insinuate that you were dumb or anything…it’s just that i was doing an essay on racial discrimination/victimisataion in the criminal justice system when i read your entry and that just popped into mind.

  7. 7 Ricky

    Inter-Asian squabbles are usually racist. The ethnicity behind the yellow skin hates the other ethnicity behind the yellow skin. One might wonder if the infamous “Korean stare” was the provocation, or the other Korean tactic — the “Korean shoulder bump”. Regardless, the over-the-top response(murder)was pure evil. My condolence to the Korean family.

  8. to mak : sorry lah i was too sensitive. prob too much work and too sian of school. *hug*! ^_^

  9. 9 adiki

    Emm,be strong ya..i know it’s really hard..i hope the murder go to hell……….

  10. 10 Rai

    I found this page called KpopVideo.com, they have a big collection of Lee Dong Gun pictures and videos. Check it out yourself here http://kpopvideo.com/sarang/stars-Lee_Dong_Gun

  11. 11 peace

    I have no idea, whatever we are talking about. Ldg has his own life, he also know what he should do. We hope him be better. Surely if he is a strong man. His brother’s death was a unlucky past. God will bless all of you because he is working through me too. Let have smile again. Not only Ldg but aslo everyone around the world.

  12. i feel sad

  13. 13 samin

    oh..i love lee dong gun……

  14. 14 shahin

    Lee Dong Gun i am sorry for ur brother. i want of god that u live with ur family for long time & with healty. i love u . i love u . i love u.

  15. 15 Lyna

    i love lee dong gun..
    if u come in indonesia, tell me.
    i love u……….

  1. 1 Update: Videos regarding the murder Lee Dong Gun’s brother « My First Gossip Blog

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