Edison Chen in a similar top… as Kame + JaeJoong



Okay it is slightly different, the width of the stripes and material (Kame’s one here looks fuzzier). Haha but I just found it amusing – the photo of Edison Chen was some advertisement on the FLOOR in Taiwan. So we’ve the same style of long-sleeved T spanning Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan.


And actually Kame’s top HERE looks different from the other one ABOVE… the red stripes are wider here. And as people have noticed, Jae Joong’s one is a bit more translucent. All little stylistical distinctions amongst the three… haha. Okay this is a rather silly post. ^_^

related: DBSK and KAT-TUN wearing same clothes?


7 Responses to “Edison Chen in a similar top… as Kame + JaeJoong”

  1. 1 Yuu

    actually I thought kame-jaejoong’s one were the same. only that maybe, just maybe, that kame was wearing a full black tee inside instead of just a black singlet like the one that jaejoong wore. and that’s why it looks ‘thick’ and not ‘transparent’ like jaejong’s? well, it might just be me. but everything else about the shirts except the transparency really looked the same. deshou..?

  2. 2 mils

    hahaha red and black is common…. jaejoongs top is see through though….

  3. 3 Xiya

    hey hey… i spotted Jaejoong and Kim Hyunjoong from SS501 wearing the same T-shirt..

    and hyunjoong in ss501 performance on 080524 music core – song calling for you remix..

    sorry i don’t know how to paste a picture here 🙂

  4. 4 lavender

    jaejoong is the best
    he so preety
    is it this guy alive???
    wah so hawttt

  5. 5 ^^

    they’re not exactly the same clothes..
    but this (post) makes me even happier (than the previous one)! ! !
    my ex-ichiban ^^
    with my current ichiban ^^
    and my niban in DBSK ^^
    all in one page ! ! !

  6. 6 Ada

    Ha ha cool observation!

    What I find amusing is that they manage to be hot even in that horrible striped top. That is something, but then again they would look good in anything, especially jae joong.

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