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(Japanese online news source: Mainichi) At around 6.45pm yesterday, 3rd April 2008, a mother (52 years old) and her daughter (24 years old) suffered light injuries after being hit by a 70 X 100 cm board that fell from the ceiling in the Yokohama arena. Police are investigating the matter. The board fell 7 metres from the ceiling to the audience […]

(Japanese online gossip source: here)  This gossip site cited Asahi’s daily morning show, Ohayoo-Asahi-desu, as having reported rumours of Ueno Juri dating a white-collar ikemen (japspeak for cute guy) from a major advertising company! She will be seen alongside co-stars Nagasawa Masami and Nishikido Ryo in FujiTV’s dorama — Last Friends — which starts airing this month. Previously, Ueno […]