Archive for April 14th, 2008

(Japanese online gossip source: Entamegeinou) I think the source alleges that Shirota Yuu “stole” Kitagawa Keiko from Akanishi Jin, but I’m not too sure cos 1) no time to verify with online dictionary 2) don’t really follow news about Jin + whowho girls 3) didn’t want to sensationalise this too much. Kitagawa Keiko looks more […]

(Japanese online news source: MainichiĀ and English online news source: Tokyograph) The dog( which looks like a snow fox) is called Eneru – in Katakana – and Ener, by Tokyograph, and is supposed to mean Energy because Gackt wants it to give energy to everybody! The Eneru/Ener project is themed, “Love our Planet” and its virtual […]