JDorama Rankings: Gokusen 3 stays on top (21st-27th April 2008)


(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) Breaking my MFGB-cold turkey. MWAHAHA. The rankings for the week 21st- 27th April 2008 are out! If you want to compare them with the previous week’s, click here.

1. Gokusen 3 with 24.8% — Gokusen 3 stays on top, but down 1.6% from 26.4%. [NTV]

2. Last Friends with 15.6%  (Up 1 spot and 0.7%) [FujiTV]

3. ROOKIES with 14.8% (Up 4 spots and 2.6%, wow a second-episode increase is supposedly quite rare, anybody care to proffer his/her explanation?) [TBS]

4. Zettai Kareshi with 14.3% (Up 2 spots and 1.2%) There’s an MFGB article earlier on this dorama, click here. [FujiTV[

5. Around40 with 13.9%. (Down 3 spots and 1.05%) [TBS]

6. Ryouki teki na Kanojo aka Japan’s My Sassy Girl with 11.5% (Down 1 spot and 1.5%, btw did you hear a rumour that Jang Hyuk will have a cameo in this dorama?? Read it in the Chinese papers… haha) [TBS]

7. Puzzle with 10.9% (Down 3 spots and 3.2%) [AsahiTV]

8. 7 Nurses with 10.7% (No change in rank, up 0.15%) [AsahiTV]
9. Osen with 10.3% (New entry!!! For the MFGB entry on this dorama, click here. Well apparently the combined pull of Uchi Hiroki + Aoi Yuu was enough only to warrant a number 9 spot. Ganbatte!) [NTV]

10. Hokaben with 9.3% (Up 2 spots and 0.5%, Ueto Aya inching up the rankings…) [NTV]

11. Kimi Hannin Janai Yo Ne? with 8.5% (Down 1 spot and 0.85%) [AsahiTV]

12. Muri Na Renai with 8.1% (Down 3 Spots and 1.25%) [FujiTV]

13. Battery with 7.2% (Down 2 spots and 1.65%, the new Johnny trophy boy, Nakayama Yuuma, is NOT working his magic!!) [NHK]

And now for the MFGB prize-giving ceremony *applause*:

Biggest improvement in ranks and ratings: ROOKIES

Biggest fall in ranks: Around40, Puzzle and Muri na Rennai

Biggest fall in ratings: Puzzle


5 Responses to “JDorama Rankings: Gokusen 3 stays on top (21st-27th April 2008)”

  1. 1 XOXO

    *LONG POST AHEAD FOR THOSE WHO WANT A REVIEW OF LAST FRIENDS, NO SPOILERS HERE* okay, here’s my take on last friends based on the first 3 eps i watched. being a ryo fan i was really looking forward to it, and the plot seemed to deviate from the latest run-of-the-mill, recycled, forgettable, sappy love dramas that have been peppering tv nowadays. instead of the usual boy-meets-girl-personalities-clash-story, LF gives us all that’s taboo – DV, pregnancy, homosexuality. youth. juicy. sounds like gossip girl material. plus, from the opening alone, you can tell that this is something different. the good parts. UENO JURI fits the role perfectly. who knew the girl had it in her? she’s completely become ruka. she looks really cool too. nishikido’s performance is not so surprising as all the hype says, the boy is no yamapi in terms of playing goody-goody roles. he’s made for the dark side, no doubt. the downside – am i the only one who thinks that the DV scenes are too, er… rehearsed? i know DV cases have this recurring pattern in the violent person’s behavior but do they have to take it so literally? observe. Masami fails at something. Ryo slaps her. She says sorry. He ALWAYS HAS TO SHOVE HER TO THE FLOOR. she squeals. too much. on to the next DV scene. same exact thing. masami’s acting seems a little restrained, like her crying does not come from within. idunno, and her little-miss-sunshine-naive disposition can sometimes be too much. the girl does not give anything new or depth to her character. SO FAR. i mean, yes, she’s supposed to be the good heroine but too much sugar is just, too much! when she’s happy she turns into a valley girl or those high school manga ditzy girls. it gets annoying. ryo’s acting is subtle, which is appropriate for creepiness. but as i said, he’s rehearsed the DV actions too much, sometimes he doesn’t seem “natural.” they treated his character more like a psycho bipolar serial killer in a thriller movie rather than a supposed normal guy who has DV tendencies. i love how creepy music sets in whenever he enters the scene. DUN DUN DUN!!! i guess there’s too much drama around the DV bitch-slapping scenes that the actors were not given much to work around and give layers to the emotions they’re supposed to convey. the idea of the SHAREHOUSE. it should be called a rehab. you have to have some kind of an issue regarding your sexual identity, or have some kind of psychological/social trauma to get in. i guess it’s a euphemism for a world where they can have a reprieve from the cruel world. asami and eita’s character are not yet developed so, we’ll see how they fare. SO FAR, NOT SO BAD. it’s addicting and promising at the same time. but you just can’t help but feel like there’s something missing. intensity, maybe? or too much stereotyping? or maybe it’s trying too hard to be intense but doesn’t quite achieve it? i’m keeping my fingers crossed for masami. she can do better than this. no worries for Juri. now i watch LF more because of her than ryo. the OST kills. love it! sorry for the long post, just had to let that out. let’s hope LF won’t turn into fluff. all hype in the beginning but no substance in the end. *hope not!! love your blog, btw.

  2. actuallyi thought ryo’s performance in 1 litre of tears (HAHA) was already a bit… awkward. even though it was just a normal character he was playing but everytime they close in on his face it just looks like he’s thinking too much of how to rearrange his facial features HAHA. sorry but tho ryo is cute his acting is not tHAAT great. give me NINO anytime!!!! but then again Nino seems a bit too small to be a wife abuser, though im sure he could STILL do a good job. like those small, cutting, spiteful types. who else. Uhh. actually i’d like to see oguri shun take a serious role… instead of the teenybopper types. even snakes and earrings seems likely to be a teeny-bopper-yakuza type.

  3. 3 XOXO

    yayyy finally someone who agrees with me that ryo’s acting in one litre of tears can sometimes be a hit or a miss. it’s an abomination to fans!! we’ll get killed!! i guess people overlooked some of his “over-thinking” because his character was totally endearing. he hesitates too much, and doesn’t allow himself to completely embody his character. BUT did the crying scenes so well, it’s almost believable!! i have to give ryo props for that! i mean, compared to yamapi’s lack of emotion (esp. in the eyes, sorry to fans, this is just my most humble opinion and i’m speaking from an objective 3rd person perspective while ignoring my JE fanaticism), and compared to other young JE actors, ryo’s the (2nd) best in the acting department, with nino’s natural gift of acting prowess at the top. just don’t include ryo’s performance in attention please. he was basically a wallflower there. if, at the end of LF you feel disgust, hatred and pity (if that’s possible all at the same time) for ryo, then we can say that he’s effective. but if his popularity and charisma overrides this, then… go juri!!! i still think he can pull it off in the end. can’t imagine anyone else doing a DV guy. imagines tegoshi?? lol.

  4. 4 XOXO

    so so sorry for the long posts, i get carried away when i try to be objective in reviews. it’s hard to suspend bias while dodging death stares from fangirls at the same time. (^^,)

  1. 1 Die Neuesten Nachrichten: 2nd May 2008 « My First Gossip Blog

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