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Dear folks, I’m starting a new series of entries under the heading “Die Neuesten Nachrichten” that will have links to japanese/korean/chinese articles that MAY interest you, but are either: 1) not deemed important enough by me to spend 2342342 hours to translate (I expect this number to decrease over time) 2) simply too hard to translate […]

(Japanese sources: here and here) Leah Dizon launched “jeweLeah” yesterday, on 1st April 2008. The japanese articles wrote that Miss Dizon “produced” these wedding dresses, but I’m not entirely sure if she really got down to drawing, designing and hemming them together. She did however say that the concept for the line of dresses was […]

(Japanese source: here – gossip website of dubious reliability) After 10 years away from the spotlight, X Japan started out their comeback concert on 28th March 2008 2 hours later than scheduled, keeping almost 50,000 fans on the line – which, incidentally, included celebrities like Imai Tsubasa, Yada Akiko and her husband Oshio Manabu. The reason? Yoshiki had forgotten […]