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After the initial declaration, the consequent apology and retraction, comes a STRANGE follow-up to the whole affair. DISCLAIMER: I’ve only briefly scanned through that jap article, despite being dead beat plus I’ve had school for the WHOLE day and it’s only about midnight now.. so excuse once again the bad translation. HAHA (it’s so uncool to start out […]

If mak hadn’t mentioned it, I would have forgotten. *shameful* and i used to be such a BIG LESLIE CHEUNG FAN!!! His name even went on my class t-shirt!!! OH MAN! TIME REALLY DOES MAKE ONE FORGET! (chinese source: here) anyway there was an open-air memorial service in hong kong for Leslie Cheung where they screened […]

What’s up with his hair?!?! I don’t like it!! But then he’s probably waiting for his hair to grow out of its Crows Zero mould HAHA. Anyway here goes a really quick translation of the video:

(English source: here – thanks to buttrflikisser@LJ! and here – thanks Ichigo Ichie! ^_^) OMG the photo on the left  page is probably as scandalous as it gets -_-.  Okay I’m very sorry but I’m just going to copy and paste from their blogs, since I can’t really make out the jap words. HAHA! but Bubka magazine is […]