Archive for April 16th, 2008

1. Nagasawa Masami for Calpis (Japanese online news source: Sanspo) Nagasawa Masami plays a kindergarten teacher who brings a group of kids to visit the Calpis Factory, where she tries to explain how nutritious the drink is. She also hugs the kids and Gan-Bai-s (to say cheers!) with them as they down the drink. She […]

(Chinese online news source: China News) I apologise for the lateness of this, almost 2 days late I think. Anyway it’s easier to translate from Chinese so here goes :p The original source is actually Shuukan Josei, which reported that Sorimachi Takashi was seen teaching golf at a golf course which is popular amongst Japanese […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Agazou) Ueto Aya has been appearing on many variety shows for the sake of promoting her new dorama, Hokaben. Recently, on Arashi’s Shukudai-kun, Ueto Aya was noted to be wearing a ring on her ring-finger. Hence, Japanese gossip bloggers are speculating if it means that she is still going out with […]