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 (source: Oricon Daily Ranking) Was just surfing around checking out new songs and heyheyhey! Their new single that was released today 23rd April 2008, is top on Oricon, BoA-style. Lee Soo Man is really the man, man. MV below ^_^

I thought I’d pop on down to Cathay and snap some photos and do some of that “grassroots” reporting I always used to read about, and here are 4 unprofessional photos of the Dance of the Dragon premiere at Cathay!! HAHA. For those of you who don’t know yet, it stars Singapore’s Fann Wong, Korea’s […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Uraurageinou) Uraurageinou reports that Oguri Shun views Josei Shuukan as an enemy and refuses to get interviewed by them. The trigger was said to be the launch for his recent dorama, Binbou Danshi which aired from January to March. Oguri Shun had said, ” I hate having to move around in […]

(Japanese online blog source: Gazoudaisuki) If you squint hard enough it says 2006 at the side I think. Anyway Ryo looks rather pissed off while Jin, at least, is smiling somewhattt. and they’re not sitting very close together anyway.     Haha random snitbit. schnittbit. snapbit. snipbit.