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(Japanese online news source: Sanspo)  Kago Ai revealed on TV Asahi’s “Super Morning” show on 7th April 2008 that she had attempted suicide. ( I must admit that this was also in the Entame source quoted in my earlier entries, except at the time I was befuddled by the katakana– リストカット — which reads risutokatto. […]

  (you can hardly see the faces but I think it’s matsujun below and Sho at the top – no girls though! Or are they at the blurred out parts?) (Japanese online gossip source: Entame) Another Arashi scandal? It’s almost one per week man (read the previous one here) Okay or maybe this is not […]

*update — Entame wrote Shirota Yuu, but Marga has commented and said that most people are saying it’s Yuu’s OLDER brother Jun. (200408: omg ive been saying that Jun is his younger brother but thanks to “hithere” who left a comment that saved me from further embarrassing myself. OLDER brother okay people!! HAHA) Here’s a link to another site […]