DBSK’s Beautiful You Tops Oricon’s WEEKLY Rankings (but is not in Top 10 for daily rankings)


(Source: Oricon) Well well, DBSK stayed for 2 days on top and has claimed the throne for Oricon’s WEEKLy Ratings! “Oppa, hwaiting!” cry the millions of Cassiopeias. However, it is nowhere to be seen in today’s ranking, not even in the Top 10 (picture below. click here, to go to Oricon, only valid if you’re seeing this today, 30th April 2008 though).

Instead, Domoto Koichi’s Sushi Oji OST song, No More was tops (Released under the name of his character in the show, Maizu Tsukasa) . Trailing in second place is Shuuchishin’s Shuuchishin, which is also second in Oricon’s Weekly Ranking. Staying power eh!

DBSK’s Beautiful You ranked 15th (lower photo). Hmm well not bad for an ‘outsider’, but their rise and fall was quite fast compared against other native Japanese singles. You can check out the release dates of other singles on the list, DBSK’s single is below a few singles that were released earlier than theirs, but THOSE singles (if i remember correctly) didn’t reach Top Spot. But I don’t know, L’Arc En Ciel’s Drink it Down is nowhere to be seen! Hence I am not able to formulate a ready explanation/theory on the DBSK fan-base and its fan-market movement HAHA oh crap. Right. Off to study now!



2 Responses to “DBSK’s Beautiful You Tops Oricon’s WEEKLY Rankings (but is not in Top 10 for daily rankings)”

  1. 1 Amy

    Woot! Congrats boys!
    I’m so damn proud of them.

    Now all we need is a 3rd weekly #1 so they can go back to Korea happy.

  2. 2 Gal

    Yay. No More!

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