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I know it’s weird to be posting an anime video entry on a “gossip” blog… but ohwell. I want to share the joy! I watch anime now and then, stumbled on this one just now (though it’s quite old but makes one ^_^!) shout out to mak, viv, fatfish + lisa! Watch part one and tell […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou) Not having appeared in front of fans since February 2006, former Morning Musume member Kago Ai apologised on 4th April 2008 on [Nashimoto-Geinou-Ura Channel]’s show. (Widegeinou says February 2006, but Wikipedia cites her official departure from media activity at around early 2007) Just some background information, which can be found on her wiki entry […]


(Chinese online news source: Xinhuanet) Simple photo update, as well as some commentary that actually took place in the comments section of the earlier post. First up though, I must admit I’m no fashion guru but Isabella Leong’s blue pants (jeans?) are so bright! Maybe it’s the camera flash, but still, ew. And Jean Todt […]