Oguri Shun to take a break?


(Japanese online gossip source: Idolgravure) Well this is not the first time that Oguri Shun’s rumoured to be taking a break. Idolgravure had also reported in January 2008 that he was going to take a break,but it was apparently rather unjustified (so I don’t know how reliable this source is this time around!)

Okay the story goes that Oguri Shun will take a 3 month break, during which he will devote himself either to playing ‘grass-lot baseball’ (草野球) or be studying overseas — probably English in the states, as it seems to be the trend now. (Akanishi Jin, Sawajiri Erika, Kusano and now… Shun-kun?? Come to Singapore!!! heh heh yea right man)

However it seems logistically impossible because he still has 8 CM commitments and a movie, Snakes and Earrings (hebi ni piasu) that is to be released later this year. So, what will our CM-prince do?



3 Responses to “Oguri Shun to take a break?”

  1. 1 H no Granny

    I agree with you, he has too many commitments lined up.
    But I hope that he gets a break because honestly, the man is overworked…

  2. 2 paulineaus

    I think it is too good for him to take a break, because he is truly a busy person. He done a lot of projects last year and this year, and theres a lot more coming up. Movies, drama series, stage plays, radio shows etc. He has a hectic schedules no time to rest.. poor oguri.. 😦 Go! fight-oh!

  1. 1 Baseball » Oguri Shun to take a break?

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