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(Source: Oricon) Just to clarify, I’m not a big DBSK fan… more of an SM watcher (am fascinated with Lee Soo Man) Anyway after 2 days of being at the top, DBSK’s Beautiful You slips 2 spaces to number 3. Shuuchishin regains it’s Wondergirl-Tell-Me-like viral hit character and hurls itself to the top space. Now […]

(online English source: Mumbai news) Haha there are many news sources for this but I just thought Mumbai news offered a fresher (less Singapore-centric perspective)…. though it’s quite Singapore-positive! And I’m so obviously just using this space to conveniently plug +push the Singaporean arts scene! But yea man I’m looking forward to watching this movie… […]

Granny here has kindly acquiesced to my addition of gossip to her blog. I know her blog is focused on Japanese/Korean gossip; but as it is, I only know something about Hong Kong entertainment – and I apologise if it bores her loyal audience to tears – so I’m going to blog about the Hong […]

Hi hi people!!! This is just an announcement to say that makthemutant will also be contributing, but articles on the Hong Kong film industry! her style’s a bit different from mine (think you’ll be able to tell) but anyway hope you all like it! ^_^ Hope your saturdays were fine just got home will get […]