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(English online sources: Tokyograph, MTV/ Photo from Gackt and Dears) *Demi Moore is in brackets because her participation is not yet confirmed.* Oh my goodness Gackt looks so small standing beside Josh Hartnett! But he looked so big to me on Hey!Hey!Hey! Big as in tall, slim, lithe, but still, towering over the Downtown duo (though come to […]

(Japanese online news source: Mainichi) It’s about time I posted an entry on the increasingly omnipresent Shuuchishin! A while back there were reports that Ayumi Hamasaki resorted to uhm “underhand” means to keep “Mirrorcle World” at the top of Oricon charts, pushing down Shuuchishin to number 2. Well it don’t matter no more, because CD […]

Don’t you think so?!?! Actually I already thought so while watching Hana Kimi last year, before I started this blog. When blogging about Zettai Kareshi I just suddenly remembered it.

(Japanese online gossip source: IdolGravure / Picture: FujiTV) Although second episodes for most Japanese Doramas normally see a dip in their ratings, Saki Aibu’s, Hayami Mokomichi’s and Mizushima Hiro’s (Nanba senpai from Hana Kimi) Zettai Kareshi’s ratings went from 13.1% in the first episode to 14.3%! Now, I only took note of this news cos of you, […]

(Japanese online gossip source: Entame) While attending a PR Event at Kagoshima Prefecture (Kyuushuu) for their movie, Sushi Ouiji!, Nakamaru Yuichi’s bad attitude reportedly pissed off reporters and sullied the honour and “face” of his senpai, Domoto Koichi. The management had arranged for Nakamaru Yuichi to be interviewed by 7 or 8 local TV and […]