Kuwata Keisuke’s Mannatsu no Kajitsu (Jackie Cheung’s famous song was a cover of this song!)


I failed to study the whole day, but at least I learnt something important from watching TV. Southern All Stars! I’d only heard of them once before on Domoto Kyoudai, when Yamapi said his idea of a perfect date would be to go to the beach or something while listening to Southern All Stars. Keisuke Kuwata is the one who wrote this song… Jackie Cheung’s cover of it is called Mei Yi Tian Ai Ni Duo Yi Xie. Omg. I ❀ the song! And am currently exploring other Southern All Star songs………

MV below.

21 Responses to “Kuwata Keisuke’s Mannatsu no Kajitsu (Jackie Cheung’s famous song was a cover of this song!)”

  1. 1 makthemutant

    Great song. And I love Jackie Cheung’s version too. BTW you listen to Cantopop meh?

  2. like duh? I’ve been listening to TWINS since forever? Like sec 3… don’t think you’re the ONLY one who listens to cantonese okay. i watch TVB also. -.-

  3. 3 Barley

    Hey thanks for this information! Serendipitously, I’ve been wondering how the original version sounds like after listening to Fang Da Tong and Fiona Sit’s latest duet arrangement. And I just happened to surf onto here. πŸ™‚

  4. 4 makthemutant

    twins. HAHA. ok no need to get pissy. πŸ˜›
    i recommend you better cantopop: listen to hacken lee, hocc…and i’ll think of others haha.

  5. 5 makthemutant

    btw since you watch tvb. just a question: what do you think of raymond lam?
    i absolutely abhor him – i literally switch the tv (or over here, the monitor) off everytime i see him – and i’m like the only one (among legions of screaming tvb fangirls) apparently.

  6. to Barley: no problem!!! ^_^ i was VERY surprised to find out that it was a cover also!!!!

    to mak: who is raymond lam? i only watch Dong1 Zhang1 Xi1 Wang (Dong Cheung Sai Mong) , the TVB news (cos im learning cantonese mah) .. Yu Le Sou Bo, and only once or twice 10 Brothers the one with Athena Chu. i really ABHOR TVB serials, they’re TOTALLY losing out to korean + japanese serials! and im sorry but i really cannot appreciate hk dramas HAHA

    and YES i know hacken lee… i know like, 3 of his songs. good for learning canto la. who is hocc? hahaha and i only get pissy cos you sounded sooooooooooo patronising! btw you will only get back in august right! you’ll be celebrating your 21st in UK!!! =( … but kat is thinking of organising something.

    BTW… do put nice cantopop recommendations ON THIS BLOG. feel free to post youtube videos, just put the title as: CANTOPOP Recommendation from DJ MAK. (haha i insist on the DJ Mak) and set up a new category called DJ Mak or Cantopop.

  7. 7 makthemutant

    Aiyah you always misunderstand me *hurts*. I never patronise. It’s just my writing style, which I admit can be a tad annoying. Will try to change.

    Haha ok I see. Well I hate Jap/Korean stuff because it’s too weepy for my tastes I guess; besides, I grew up watching HK dramas and I still do. He’s this really ugly/annoying/any other derogatory adjective you can fill in actor who is everywhere now, and he’s even trying to sing with EEG. Yeah watch more Dong Cheung Sai Mong. (I watch that too).

    Ah I’m not only celebrating my 21st in the UK, I’ll be celebrating it in the exam hall. No biggie though. Hahaha.

  8. oh my are you 撒娇-ing to me?!? (refers to the “*hurts*”) HAHAHA i knew you would grow fond of me after awhile! Jap And KOrean stuff is NOT TOO WEEPY heLLO you’ve totally bought into the STEREOTYPE of Korean dramas.. do you reaLLY think people watch Jap+Korean stuffs BECAUSE it’s WEEPY?!?!?!?!!??! OMG OMG OMG you’re SOOOO wrong it’s damn funny + intellectual + refreshing im going to your blog now to leave a long comment.

  9. 9 makthemutant

    Hey. Don’t blame me I’m not buying into the stereotype ok. I’m just speaking from experience. The first Korean show I watched (as everyone) was Qiu Tian De Tong Hua. Can’t blame me for getting a phobia. As for Jap stuff, I actually quite like it – short and sweet. It’s just that the language barrier doesn’t help me that much. Sorry. Fallacy of aggregation. Shouldn’t have lumped them together.

  10. well did you bother watching OTHER shows? anyway PLEASE check the comment i left at your blog.. and PLEASE tRY WATCHING stuffs other than HK dramas! i started watching jap stuffs BEFORE i learnt jap/korean and there are subtitles!!!! come on, be more cosmopolitan!!!

  11. Yes I tried Love in Harvard (hey it was Harvard) or something and like some show about a hotel and Winter Sonata. Never finished anyone of them and I don’t just watch HK dramas ok I watch angmoh dramas too. I have no time now anyway. πŸ˜›

  12. not asking you to watch NOWWW. just SOON OKAY?! PROMSIE!?!?!? and i hated winter sonata (didn’t even finish it) you went with the populists and chose all those…. BAD DRAMAS! omg!! and the reason why you watched love in harvard is PRECISELY the reason why i wouldn’t (hey, it’s harvard!) i mean it TOTALLY encourages the Asian brand-name mentality which i probably wouldn’t really mind if i were on the other side of the fence (unfortunately i can’t vouch for the ‘uprightness’ of my character in maintaining … uh principles) anyway. we’re like chatting here man hahaha

  13. Haha I watched whatever my sis was watching/channel 55/56 was showing, so I don’t know what’s good. Erm I’m afraid I believe in the existence of the Asian brand name mentality. There’s a difference between principles and reality I guess. I may not approve of it, but conformity is another thing altogether I guess. I really don’t know and I’m stuck with a stupid question on mortgage here. Depressed.

  14. i haven’t started studying for exams EITHER! OMFG. and i have classes on sat + sun! OMFG. and i BELIEVE in the existence of the Asian brand name mentality too of course duhhh i just said i didn’t WANT to eNCOURAGE it… but i guess it’s as futile as not eating sharks fins soup at weddings … in a sense. i don’t eat sharks fin btw. and im turning pescatarian. as far as i can help it. mortgage…. reminds me of the board game monopoly. that’s about as lawyerly as im gonna get. you better get your ass off the net and do some work. don’t get depressed, just watch sayonara zetsubou sensei

  15. ha ha wow long chat!

    MAK GO WATCH THIS JAP DRAMA CALLED ONE POUND GOSPEL LOL!!!! it’s so dumb and hilarious!! I watch it over dinner when I can!! ha ha! πŸ™‚

    when’s mak back from the UK??

    all the best for your exams both of u!:)

  16. ONE POUnD GOSPEL!?!?!?!?! it stars kame and Kuroki Meisa!!!! i don’t really like the girl cos she gets to act with all the guys i like. ALSO, i heard the script is REALLY bad. ALSO< i watched abit of it and it’s quite …. O_O. MAK! DON’T BELEIVE HER!

  17. 17 nightingale

    who is apricot peach??
    anyway, you don’t like winter sonata meh? i seem to remember you raving about it and trying to force *me* to watch it also….

  18. 18 nightingale

    and i actually find your comments more interesting than the celebrity gossip πŸ˜› but i’ve never really been into celebrity gossip (except maybe when we were 12 and hot on gil/the moffatts/hanson hahahaha)


    and winter sonata was a horrible drag but I did watch the whole thing juz to find out what happened >.< but I learnt my lesson from there and never watch korean stuff again!!

    one pound gospel is really crappy but STILL!! it’s funny!! or maybe it’s just me… cuz I can TOTALLY RELATE to the guy I’m sucha glutton too and I like all the food he likes like takoyaki okonomiyaki anpan etc so I see myself in him and have a gd time laughing at him and myself. πŸ˜€ what’s the main actor’s name?? I think the young boy is kidna cute tho!

  20. lj — couldn’t you SEE mingen’s face/avatar? hahahaahah anw then did you see my entry earlier on POPSEOUL’s comments? if not just find the category “Random Rabbit” along the right side and click on it. hAHA

  21. Hey, I think your website might be having browser compatibility issues.
    When I look at your website in Ie, it looks fine but when opening in Internet Explorer, it has some overlapping.
    I just wanted to give you a quick heads up! Other then that,
    superb blog!

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