Update: Isabella Leong vs EEG affair


(Chinese online news source: Xinhuanet) Simple photo update, as well as some commentary that actually took place in the comments section of the earlier post.

First up though, I must admit I’m no fashion guru but Isabella Leong’s blue pants (jeans?) are so bright! Maybe it’s the camera flash, but still, ew. And Jean Todt looks the cutest here, small and pudgy and hobbit-y. The other two look rather pasty and whitish. You can almost feel the hostility from the reporters through the strength of the cold menacing unforgiving flash. HAHAHA.

Also, mak countered that EEG isn’t really motivated to stem this “dangerous precedent” of Isabella Leong eloping with a rich patron and breaking her bond because it’s not really a “dangerous precedent” as all, since not everybody 1) has as much talent as her 2) has as much talent as her in getting a Richard Li 3) prob not many Richard Lis around!

Well point taken, but in a sense I thought it might have been a dangerous precedent to future talents like Isabella Leong, that you can just slave off half or less-than-half your contract and elope with any willing patron (and there are rich people all around these days, just not any in my circle HAHA) and EEG will end up losing most of its TALENTED talents and be stuck with the rest of the unpromising lot. Well well sit back relax and watch as this unfolds~

2 Responses to “Update: Isabella Leong vs EEG affair”

  1. Hey, cool tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the person from that forum who told me to go to your site 🙂

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