Doppelganger: Jung Ryeo Won and Aoi Yuu


Frankly I don’t really think both have a “Striking Resemblance” with each other, but they just give me the same FEELING. Well maybe I’m just in a phase, haha. Jung Ryeo Won’s eyes are bigger, maybe its the same face shape? Sweet sweet. Oh well both are just pretty. (Also I noticed that Aoi Yuu smiles/poses in the same way as Aragaki Yui. Like stand straight, smile straight at the cam, hair straight down. Haha)





12 Responses to “Doppelganger: Jung Ryeo Won and Aoi Yuu”

  1. 1 blaire

    aoi yuu looks more like the young shin min ah rain’s partner in a love to kill

  2. 2 H no Granny

    Yes, I can the similarity between Aoi Yuu and Shin Min Ah /Jung Ryeo Won.
    One can’t really call Aoi Yuu totally cute or gorgeous. She’s gives off an indie feel (like Suzuki Anne).
    It’s a nice change from the avalanche of kawaii and eroi talents dominating the Japanese entertainment industry lately…

  3. 3 Lisa

    lol you know what, i dont know who’s who! XD but they look more similar than me and michelle. hmm.

  4. 4 makthemutant

    they look like a taiwanese singer. (or is she an actress?)
    can’t remember her name. anyway i wish i could comment more but i know nothing about japanese/korean entertainment haha. sorry.

  5. to mak: you can just swoon. *ahhh so pretty* like that HAHAHA

    to lisa: one on the left is aoi yuu the one on the right is jung ryo won!!! didn’t you watch my name is kim sam soon?!?!

    to H no Granny: hahaha ero SELLS wad. but sweet young things like aoi yuu, miyazaki aoi, aragaki yui, (horikita maki?) … quite a few innit?! *brainstorms* ^_^

    to blaire: shin min ah reminds me of miyazaki aoi! hahaha.

  6. 6 G.

    yea i felt the same too! i thought Aoi looked very much like Ryeo-won when I first watched her on Honey and Clover (the movie). Both are elegant, sweet and pretty. They’ve got the same aura lingering around them .

  7. 7 AnnaCleo

    no matter what, they both still look like my mum! lol
    anyways, i’ve seen Franceska and Honey and Clover and i think..
    ryeo-won is what you would call beautiful =)
    aoi is what you would call cute ^.^

  8. 8 Lisa

    I think Aoi Yu has a beauty that Ryu Won could never hope to match! Haha. But they’re both on the cutesie side!

  9. 9 helen

    Aoi can look beautiful with no/minimal makeup. She can also look beautiful just wearing a paper bag. The others can’t compare.

  10. 10 Kami

    yeaaaah…) hi_hi) they’re very similar… theiy’re both have a very beautyful eyes)

  11. naturally lovely her — favorite !

  12. they both look flawless!

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