Random Rabbit: Thoughts on POPSEOUL!


(Source: Popseoul!) I was just reading this article on POPSEOUL! and I think the comments section is AMAZING! It’s really funny and you learn some interesting things along the way. Like (if your comment is posted up, I hope you don’t mind! if you do then tell me I’ll take it down 😦 😦  ):

Feature (1): The informative comment –

which is probably what you may find on forums or if you religiously scour every freaking news report on your idol/star. But more than that, I find the arguments really funny!!!! I actually don’t dare to post all of them (later kena flamed + scolded O_O ) but I shall just post some. HAHAHA. (For the record, I find POPSEOUL! enjoyable, but it’s cos im not an extr3m3 type of fan. )

Feature (2): Gross comment with funny follow-up–

Feature (3): The angry comments and the peacemakers–

Feature (4): Long Analysis types (there were a few, i just picked the first long one I saw haha):

Feature (5): Cute fan types (makes me feel awww 🙂 )- 


Feature (6): The Oblivious Fan (hahaha!):

Feature (7): The Offended Fan-

Feature (8): The Omnipresent DBSK Fan! (AHAHA!) –

and the people like me who go there and read the comments. and are so boliao as to do an analysis of that. omg. HAHAHA. ok stop slackign from essay@#$$##@



9 Responses to “Random Rabbit: Thoughts on POPSEOUL!”

  1. 1 Amy

    LOLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLLL. Okay, that was freaking hilarious. I read all of these comments at Popseoul, but they are so much funnier when grouped into certain categories. HAHAHAHA omg I’m still laughing. You should definitely keep doing this! 😀

  2. 2 Amy

    “The Omnipresent DBSK Fan” LOL that is so true! It could be an article about Michael Jackson and DBSKs fan would miraculously find a way to incorporate DBSK into the article.

  3. hahaha thnaks so much!!!! and yes i think DBSK fans are damn funny…hahaha! damn i just sent in a mediocre essay to my prof…….. i haaateee that esteem-crippling-feeling that’s haunting me right now.. but so irrelevant.

    woohoo go POPSEOUL! commentors you make my life sunny and happy!

  4. 4 crystal199187

    i’m de PEACEMAKER!!! 😀
    i never expect anyone to read my comment since there wereso many angry comments here n there in that particular post…
    anyway,thanks a lotz for choosing my comment… 🙂

  5. 5 lisa

    HAHAHAHAH ok funny!!!! lololol my heart totally goes out to number six ❤ ❤ ❤ and I CAN TOTALLY EMPATHISE WITH TVQLOVE, I FEEL THE SAME WAY HAHAHAHAHHA <33333333333333 \(^_^)/ \(^_^)/ \(^_^)/ I EVEN STARTED USING SMILEYS COS YUNHO DOES TOO!!!!!

  6. 6 nad

    ha ha ha
    this is more fun then reading the news its elf

    and yeah dbsk fans
    aish ^_^*
    why others dont like dbsk and suju anymore

    the fans the sacred the hell out of me


    ha ha ha

    no seriously

  7. hahha omg i didn’t really expect the people who posted the comments to find this place! hello crystal!

    and lisa no wonder that smiley! but its prob more common in korea right… they are more advanced in terms of … digital stuff +digital culture which includes smiley-inventions HAHAHA ^_^

  8. 8 crystal199187

    hi, superoldgranny…
    there’s a link to dis page at de bottom of dat PopSeoul post…
    dat’s how i came here… 🙂
    i once give angry comments…
    but then i felt stupid arguing with someone in de internet…
    so,now i change myself to spreading peace comments…hahaha
    no violence please… PEACE!!! 😀

  9. 9 lisa

    lol yeah i think technology has to be really advanced or something i was reading one of dbsks recent replies to their fans for their concert in somewhere and there were OVERWHELMING smilies it was so funny and then they had all these kinds of queer characters (like those not on a normal keyboard) and i was like WTF/?!?!?!? hahahah but now smilies are the new IN thing for me (LOL I WONDER WHY COS GUESS WHO USES THEM)

    and on a random note. jaejoong blinged his whole phone. i was damn happy when i saw it. cos ive always wanted to bling my whole phone (you know how half my phone is blinged) but i held back a bit cos everyone was like eew ah lian BUT NOW I DONT CARE ANYMORE HAHAHAHA

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