Emperor Entertainment Group sues Isabella Leong Lok Si for real!


(Chinese online news sources: here and here) Okay when I read this in the papers in this morning I was thinking, “no wonder mak calls EEG a triad.” Haha! But then again I wonder what the contract Johnny Juniors are made to sign as kids are like… hmmm.

In any case EEG has officially filed a lawsuit against rising star (or maybe already risen) Isabella Leong Lok Si, whom frankly I have never heard of until today but perhaps I’m just ulu. 19-year old Isabella Leong signed a 20-year long contract with EEG when she was only 12 (Straits Times Life! said 10-year contract, but I expect its a blooper).

Her amorous relationship with 42-year old Richard Li however (HK tycoon Li Ka Shing’s son) must certainly have blossomed in recent months to such an extent that he has allegedly agreed to bail her out of this contract and send her to the States to study in some prestigious university — which by the way, will be handpicked by Michelle Yeoh, the matchmaker who had introduced the two. Isabella Leong was seen dining with Michelle Yeoh and her fiance Jean Todt and had apparently arrived in the States in Richard Li’s private jet.  

EEG’s suit contained 3 main points – 1) Isabella is not allowed to sign any other contract with any other company (but she supposedly has plans to join forces + synergies with Michelle Yeoh in her film company or something) 2) Isabella MUST fulfill all conditions in her contract 3) her departure will cause the company to incur losses hence she MUST make reparations. It is speculated that EEG must not let Isabella Leong off lightly as it may set a dangerous precedent for other artistes under their label.

Isabella Leong is also reported to be studying English in New York currently and will have to return to Hong Kong in the near future to attend court-hearings for the case. In order to gain her freedom, she will have to face the unwelcome prospect of having to reveal (possibly dirty ) details of the working relationship between her and EEG for the past 8 years.

Oh well, lives of rich and famous, splashed on the net for all to oogle and vivisect. Let the hammer drop and the hearing start! ^_^ 


9 Responses to “Emperor Entertainment Group sues Isabella Leong Lok Si for real!”

  1. 1 makthemutant

    Everyone knows about their triad background; the trade-off is, sign with them and they will stick you everywhere until you become famous. They single-handedly did that for Joey Yung (and erm, Twins).

    The girl’s fairly talented – well, look at their teenybopper signings – for an EEG artiste though; she was very good in the arthouse-ish Isabella (yeah movie has the same name as her but it’s not what you think). I’ve only seen that one movie of hers though, no I have no idea if she’s a one-hit-wonder. And after that she became really famous and well the story unravels. It’s not going to be a dangerous precedent because no one has the money like her and her rich BF to break a contract.

    As a side note, for EEG’s suit, 1) injunction 2) specific performance 3) damages. How nice when you can apply your knowledge in real life situations. HAHAHA.

  2. Hahaha well *i* didn’t know about their triad background until you told me! I only thought they had DEALINGS with triads.. cos like all those newspapers trying to take photos of gillian chung changing– i thought that was triad-motivated

    and yea I read online about her “talents”… and i didn’t know she was the one in spider lilies. the lesbian show with Rainie Yang..hAHAHA..

    well it MIGHt be a dangerous precedent (for the record though, that part was TRANSLATED from the article , not my own addition, though at the time i DID think it was warranted) cos then every other GOLDEN GIRL/BOY/ upcoming superstar they MIGHT have will just wanna take the same route… like all the future Isabellas will jus look out for rich people and quit EEG and so all EEG is left with are all the lousy recruits!!!

    and strange and prescient though it might sound.. i actually wondered if you would comment with some expert lawyerly take on those three points. ^_^

  3. harlow choon!! well I didn’t actually read the post but juz wanted to leave a note to say hi:):)
    and bye, now:)

  4. WHY DON’t YOU READ?!?!?!?!?! It’s not that BAD you know hahahaah GOSSIP cheers the soul!

  5. 5 pice

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