Tang Guo Qiang fell off a horse, fracturing a few bones!


While filming Yan Zheng Qing (颜真卿 –> he was a Tang Dynasty Caligrapher and court official) Tang Guo Qiang (唐国强), who is playing the title character, requested to re-shoot a certain scene because he felt that his posture on horse-back was not right. The horse was apparently vv tired however and threw a tantrum, flinging Tang Guo Qiang off!! Stupid horse! Well if you’re wondering WHY i even care about some Chinese actor who’s past 50 and married… it’s because he was Zhu Ge Liang in Romance of the Three Kingdoms!


Well compare the AUTHENTIC Zhu Ge Liang with Takeshi Kaneshiro’s Zhu Ge Liang –>


This is him playing Zhu Ge Liang in the upcoming blockbuster, Red Cliff. Frankly nobody can replace Tang Guo Qiang’s Zhu Ge Liang for me………. but SIGH!!!! I tell you some of the BEST actors in China are relatively unknown outside… I think Zhang Feng Yi (张丰毅) is good too. He looks a litttle bit like Jet Li, but very different career paths. Shall put a photo here.


This was him playing Qin Shi Huang (Emperor Qin). He looks good in the Manchurian look too.


This is him and Xu Qing (许晴)They acted together in Qing Gong Feng Yun (清宫风云), a drama which I loved and cried and laughed over. Even though it’s fictionalized, it’s really good!!! *hearts*

Okay enough. Back to essay!

(Chinese source: here)

5 Responses to “Tang Guo Qiang fell off a horse, fracturing a few bones!”

  1. 1 sforzando

    I agree to you that no one can replace Tang Guo Qiang’s Zhuge Liang, his personality and the way he speaks and his face is the real Kongming.
    Takeshi is quite handsome but he is not as suitable to this character as Tang Guo Qiang.
    Tang Guo Qiang is the best for me.

  2. 2 Philip Tan-Gatue

    Tang Guojiang IS Zhuge Liang. (to paraphrase Sean Connery IS James Bond)

  3. yu got zhugeliang game a for online or download.
    I yesterday just se te zhuge liang movie at
    i liv in bangi .

  4. 4 oj

    Not even the most handsome man looks appealing in the Manchurian look, especially with the shaved head/pigtails.

  5. 5 Metalthunder

    I love Xu Qing

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