Oguri Shun is the Tallest winner at the 16th Hashida Rookie Awards


(Japanese online news source: Sanspo) Haven’t been updating with the usual intensity, my bad. Despite exams being over, there’re still deadlines to meet. T_T. Anyway, was highly amused at the group photo taken on the right. Inoue Mao is to Oguri Shun’s left, by the way. What’s up with the unshaven look though? It feels like he’s trying to defy the clean shaven idol-esque mould, just maybe. Move into arthouse! 25’s a good age. It is not a good idea staying in teeny-bopper doramas, imho.

Anyway Sanspo reported Shun as saying that, recently, the news regarding him that has been making waves in society are not of him and plays/dramas (but about Yamada Yu, duh!) and that he hopes that in accepting the Hashida Rookie Award (yea, it’s a freaking ‘ROOKIE’ award) people will start talking more about him + his work rather than about “other things”. 

But how is everybody going to stop talking about those “other things”, Shun-kun? You’re too cute + wanted, that even Hashida Sugako remarked, when handing over your prize that “You’re Kakkoii, nee?” [格好いいわね、あなた — his exact words, I’m not kidding.] Even 83 year-old men are charmed. 

If you want to read more about this, check out this blog post.   Has more photos of Inoue Mao too. ^_^


7 Responses to “Oguri Shun is the Tallest winner at the 16th Hashida Rookie Awards”

  1. i dunno why , but he look a bit dead… OMG I like the hana yori dango’s shun more , blonde hair and of course SHAVED….

  2. 2 bumblebeeee

    haha oguri stands out with his height, and definitely his acting skills as well. (:

  3. 3 sakura

    nande nande he has changed a lot like this!!

  4. wow tallest actor award

  5. 5 nar

    like that also can ehhhh

  6. 6 nar

    like that also can ehhhh

  7. 7 Toya B

    Oguri, baby, NANDE! whats with the unshaven thing. I wish i could go into the hana yori dango series, make it real and live there with you. trust me, the blond-orangish hair is happeneing for you. I’ll accept the black in hana kimi just because you are unbelievably cute. and for the record, i am fully aware that oguri will not see this. LMAO.

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