Oguri Shun reprises his role as Takaya Genji in Crows ZERO 2


(Japanese online news source: Mainichi) Did anybody watch the Crows ZERO? I’m still pissed off that the singaporean newspaper gave it 1 and a half stars… (or was it 2?) when they’ve rated much WORSE western films higher. totally, the pinkerton complex.

So anyway everybody’s dream boyfriend-of-the-moment Oguri Shun is slated to appear in the sequel, which will be coming to theatres in 2009. Shun had this to say: “I want to give 120% of myself in acting as Genji because it’s the last I’ll be playing him (the sequel is apparently the final act). I want to start working on getting into the body shape (needed for the role). After the previous movie, I think Genji becomes much fatter.” DISCLAIMER: this translation is as far as my jap skills will take me; I re-read it a few times to make sure hat he really did say that Genji becomes fatter…. somehow reminds me of KimuTaku’s fat-rendition of Japan’s PM. WHICH by the way I did NOT manage to download =( =( because my laptop is cranky so i sent it for repair. Am typing this on a very old and slow PC-com now. =(


5 Responses to “Oguri Shun reprises his role as Takaya Genji in Crows ZERO 2”

  1. 1 niza

    1 and a half stars?? it was GOOD! I even bought the DVD laah!

  2. 2 superoldgranny

    YAH EXACTLY!!!! SG newspapers SUCK at rating!!! haha

  3. 3 makthemutant

    pinkerton complex eh.

    who was the one who rated it anyway? there’s a particular female movie reviewer who has absolutely no idea how to appreciate movies and she writes the most pretentious reviews ever…is her name wendy teo? i can’t remember.

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  5. i love crows zero!!! and my favourites crows zero!!!

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