Yamada Yu thinks Oguri Shun is Suteki; her ameblo blog is now No.2 on the popularity chart


(Japanese online news source: Mainichi/ Photo from Yamada Yu’s blog)

Yamada Yu got besieged by reporters yesterday (12th May 2008 ) when she turned up for a radio program on NACK 5.

“What kind of ‘being’ is Oguri Shun?” A reporter asked.

“Sugoi Suteki kind of person desu.” was the reply. (those two words are probably part of every Japo-phile’s vocabulary, but just case, it just means smth like “very cool”)

“What part of him attracts you?” The reporters asked.

“Everything.” replied Yu.

She sounds like just a normal fangirl to me. *spiteful* Hahaha ok shall be NICE. anyway I have a feeling Shun fangirls have been besieging her blog as well, prompting its meteoric rise to the Number 2 spot. I remember checking out the ameblo blog ranking thing a last month and I don’t remember her name near the top…. but then again I didn’t really pay attention. oh well. That Shuuchishin Kamiji guy is STILL number 1.


There number 2, Yu. Will add her blog to my famous people blogroll down the sidebar on the right.



7 Responses to “Yamada Yu thinks Oguri Shun is Suteki; her ameblo blog is now No.2 on the popularity chart”

  1. i KNOW i read it…. SO PISSING OFF RIGHt those stupid Westerners…….. -_-. do they even know that google exists???! just google him already .. and it’s not like Rain only exists on naver or something

  2. 3 H no Granny

    She seems very different from Mari in terms of personality. Sure they’re both wacky but Yu is less annoying? I actually like her. Yu, that is…

  3. 4 makthemutant

    wow your blog is on the popularity chart too hahaha 100000 hits!

  4. 5 cheers

    I like Yu as well. Huh, thanks for the link. I would have never known that she had a blog (not that I can read it…heheh). Well my personal thought is that they make a good couple. From her tv appearances, she’s very lively, kind and multi-talented. Oguri Shun seems much like a child-at-heart so I think they go together well. As for the “Rain” article…yeah, I was thinking the same thing, “umm why not Google Rain?” Wasn’t the writer Asian himself? That just makes it more hilarious. I’m not even full-blood Asian, and I know that guy is definitely not Rain..and I’m sure many non-Asians also will think, “WHAT?!” I like your blog…it’s not trashy like that desperate American TMZ, but it definitely has stuff that you wouldn’t find in prim and proper entertainment news. Very tasteful though. Thanks.

  5. 6 upper east sider

    about the raina article, i think it’s not solely the writer’s fault. i mean, there are lay-out artists who put which pic goes with what article, the placement of the write-up in the mag, etc. and it’s also the copywriter’s job to double check, or the eic for that matter. don’t they have a printed copy before release? but yes, the writer should have researched well first and not depend on other people to prevent mistakes. i wonder if the mag issued an errata afterwards.

  6. 7 udon

    Yamada Yu is a very good actress and very beautiful inside and out. You should watch her outtakes in Seigi no Mikata or Mei-chan no Shitsuji. She’s really amazing. That must be a reason why Oguri Shun loves her so much.

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