Die Neuesten Nachrichten: 25th May 2008


Just lots of random bits and Juicy News. copying wholesale!!

1. Oguri Shun rumoured to be seeing someone else

(online gossip source: idolgravure/picture source: mainichi)

It appears that although Shun and Yamada Yu publicly announced their relationship, he has been spotted introducing another girl to his friend’s family.

taken from Uwasako:It seems despite all the hoopla surrounding what appeared to be a happy couple, Yamada Yu may not be “the one.” Word has it Shun’s really in love with some other girl. He took said girl with him on a trip to close friend Kamiji Yusuke’s family home and introduced her as his girlfriend.

A neighbor who saw them said, “the girl he brought certainly wasn’t Yamda Yu.” Kamiji’s home is in Uraga, which takes some time to get to from Tokyo so he wouldn’t bring along just any girl.
Yep, the farther you take someone the more you love them.

And if that weren’t enough, there’s a second rumor about Shun: he’s gotten back together with Yaguchi Mari, whom you may remember left Morning Musume when she got Friday’d with him back in ’05.

I love uwasako. i’m quite happy, I didnt really think yamada yu and shun look good together. its not balanced. LOL >:D i feel pretty evil… I just hope this dosent tarnish Shun’s name though! Hopefully he will come forward and say something about it, and someone else will translate it, so i can feature it here.

2. Yamapi, Gakki and Erika Toda to star in a drama together

(source: Tokyograph)

Rumors of a Fuji TV drama series titled “Code Blue” were confirmed on Thursday. The show has assembled a cast packed with young stars and established veterans, led by NEWS member Tomohisa Yamashita.

The drama’s full title is “Code Blue: Doctor Heli Kinkyu Kyumei.” The concept is based on Japan’s proposal for an emergency medical service using helicopters to quickly reach those in need. A special bill was passed in June 2007 that should foster widespread adoption of the system.

Yamashita stars as a young doctor-in-training, working under the guidance of an experienced “flight doctor” (Toshiro Yanagiba). Some scenes will be filmed with a real helicopter, adding to the show’s tension.

The supporting cast includes Yui Aragaki, Erika Toda, Manami Higa, Yosuke Asari, Kiyoshi Kodama, Ryo, Tetta Sugimoto, Susumu Terajima, and Masanobu Katsumura.

Fuji TV will broadcast “Code Blue” on Thursday nights at 10:00pm, starting sometime in July.

hmmm…. i guess ratings will probably be pretty high for this show. I’ll be watching it too! This isn’t the first time the three have acted together, Pi acted with Yui in dragon zakura before, while toda acted with him in Nobuta. Toda has acted with countless people i like, I am aware. the only role i actually liked her in was her Misa role, though.

3. Aoi Miyazaki wins Galaxy award

Actress Aoi Miyazaki was given the Individual Award for television, based on her starring role in the NHK taiga drama “Atsuhime.” This is the first time a taiga drama lead has won that prize since it was established during the 21st Galaxy Awards.

(source: tokyograph)

4. Anna Tsuchiya’s ex-husband passes away

Sponichi Annex is reporting that the former husband of model/actress/singer Anna Tsuchiya has passed away at the age of 25, though no details about his death are known at the moment.

Tsuchiya, 24, married a model known as Joshua in June 2004. They had met through their modeling careers when they were both in high school. Shortly after their marriage, Tsuchiya gave birth to a son, but they later divorced in 2006.

Born in the U.S., Joshua was the younger brother of talento Friedia, who was previously known by her old stage name Rin Kozue.

A source said that Joshua died at the start of this week. A private funeral is being held, and more details, such as the cause of death, are expected to be revealed next week.

(source: tokyograph)

5. Kim Jong Kook and Jo Sung-mo have completed their National Service

Kim Jong Kook and Jo Sung-mo are officially out of the millitary service!! its been a long two years.Ā  KJK, of 90s band Turbo fame, is 31 this year… so old. He used to be on Xman together with Yoon Eun Hye, and i thought they looked really good together. Maybe they’ll get back together.

After this, I have one more thing to post about šŸ˜€ i think i posted alot today though (to make up for everything) i hope everyone’s enjoying it so far!!! Granny has probably already landed in Japan, and i cant wait till she comes back (with shopping) haha. I will post the announcement tmr! :> and i decided to take of the Lisa in front of everything less intimidating ha ha ha

12 Responses to “Die Neuesten Nachrichten: 25th May 2008”

  1. 1 joni


    hahaha omg now i know what surprise you were talking about!

    FUNNY how the news you’ve chosen to put up here are about the guys/people you’re really crazy about….

    haha how could he twotime those poor girls!

    and yamapi x erika toda again! they acted together before in nobuta, didn’t they?
    i wish it was maki horikita with yamapi! YAMAKI LOVE MAN.

    looking forward to your new posts! šŸ˜€


  2. 2 bumblebeeee

    well, im crossing my fingers that yamada yu and oguri shun are not together just for publicity sake. =\

  3. 3 Adelaida

    LOL! aww poor yamada yu! lol but i must say im slightly happy šŸ™‚

  4. 4 fatfish

    nice reporting!
    yamashita doesnt look like a doctor in training!
    is the girl from koizora? (sky of love)

  5. joni: HI JONI HAHA

    bumblebeeeee : yeah i think i would feel slightly betrayed if that was the case! but anything i”ll follow shun no matter what šŸ˜€ <33333

    adelaida: hee hee actually i bet most fans feel the same way!!! hahaha i hope theres more coverage on it though

    fatfish: hello!!!! thank you!!! šŸ˜€ haha well, i think pi is quite the oddball. he looks best in school u. unless you are mistaken… then picture above isnt a promo shot for the new show!!! and yup the girl is from koizora, aragaki yui

  6. 6 fatfish

    haha ya i think he’d do well in a movie like 15

  7. 7 Drake

    Drake says : I absolutely agree with this !

  8. 8 fieyz

    dont like shun…. sorry………….. and hate yamapi acting too……… common, be real…. he’s not a strong actor……….. wut eva……… peace yo!!!

  9. hmm, i must say, poor yamada!
    but HAHA! maybe yamada should give shun up? (god, do i sound evil?) shun and yamada dun really match anywayz. i prefer mari+shun, lol at least they looks more cuter(in my opinion)
    but hey, wateva shun prefers, i preferXP

  10. I can only agree!

  11. 11 june

    please give me updates on shun and yu!!!!i beg you!!!
    i am not Japanese but i really adore Shun very much…this only shows his impact on the whole world…so please give me updates because i find it very hard to look for updates regarding this matter (T_T)

  1. 1 Yaguchi Mai back together with Oguri Shun? « ā˜… Morning Musume Again ā˜†

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