Oguri Shun number 1? Pft! Johnny’s Jimusho steps in and demands apology


(Japanese online gossip source: Widegeinou)

In the middle of April, NTV’s Wideshow(ワイドショー) featured a CM-ranking segment in which they claimed that It-boy Oguri Shun was number 1 in terms of number of CM appearances.

However, everybody’s favourite talent-company Johnny’s Jimusho got really miffed + ticked off, lodging a complaint against NTV and demanding an apology from them. Reason? Because of an apparent counting error. If you count KimuTaku’s appearances with SMAP on CMs, KimuTaku becomes the obvious winner of that rank (even though technically, I presume, Shun-kun would still come in 1st on the “individual appearances in CMs”-rank). Apparently NTV was even made to air the apology…wonder if it would be uploaded on youtube. ha ha. Highly amusing! Now back to exam prep. bleh >=(

PS. In other news, am highly shocked that Big Bang’s TOP and Shin Min Ah were dating!!! (but i like Shin Min Ah too………..*scene of Shakespearean/Hamlet-esque indecision, as a fangirl decides whether she should endorse or curse another celebrity couple* ) Please see POPSEOUL! for more information, don’t want to link in case this unrelated post pops up on POPSEOUL!’s page. OMG OMG OMG. *drowns*

16 Responses to “Oguri Shun number 1? Pft! Johnny’s Jimusho steps in and demands apology”

  1. 1 upper east sider

    please. big boss johnny should take a pineapple break in hawaii or something. or better yet, retire. for good. stop being too defensive, please. it’s only fair to ask for recount or something and to verify the system NTV used but to ask for apology before thoroughly investigating might prove to be detrimental to JE’s relations with NTV or with shun. okay, we get it johnny, you’re THE MAN. but your puppet master monopolizing ways are getting too old. literally.

    btw, shin min ah is quite a classy girl. so it’s all good.

  2. 2 sUmmY

    talk bout not wanting to lose..
    it just a freaking ranking..

    (anyway, 1st time commenting.. i love ur website..)

  3. 3 lisa

    hey choooonnnnnn i miss talking to you!!! TT_TT still having a blast with exams so a bit MIA.

    but anyway I TOTALLY OMGGGGED AT TOP NEWS OK IM STILL A BIT SHOCKED when i saw the popseoul post i was like OMG WTFFFFFF i still feel so shocked now its so…TT_TT then i think about how i like top, and how he has a girlfriend, then i feel as though i cant like him anymore!!!! TTTT_TTTTT i think i finally know how those rabid fan girls feel…. and of all people top!!!!! waahhhhhhhhhhhh

    their baskins robbins cf is really funny, AND DBSK DID A STUPID CF WITH UGLY SOSHI GIRLS YUCK YUCK YUCK

    but anyway i LOLED at the shun johnnys news. i never knew that shun was considered a it boy woohoo!!!!!! hahaha but anyway feels great knowing that i liked him since long time ago before he became popular yayyy

    i like eita too. and on that note, I WATCHED LASTO FRIENDS IT IS SO INTENSE!!!!!! i was so tortured by the scene where ryo tried to make masami cut his ear its quite scary. my favourite character by far is eitaaaaaaaaa<3333333333

  4. 4 upper east sider

    yea!! i love eita in LF too! i liked him in orange days, must watch! somehow he and juri has completely stolen the show, no matter how ryo tries to stand out in the DV scenes. he’s still good, but the other two are so much more natural and they exude this really strong charisma. juri is so cool! can’t help but root for her! lol.

  5. 5 lisa

    i feel the same way!!! hehe i think when i first saw juri i must say i got such a shock but i crushed her immediately when she made her first appearance in the first episode (LOL) i totally dig her boots and coat hahaha and you know despite how everyone says that eita’s hair is a fashion disaster and his dressing is all wrong and stuff i think it somehow suits him, and i like it!!!!! \(^_^)/ but YEAH they have stolen the show, they really stand out (poor ryo!!!! but i dont really care LOL) i literally look forward to their screen time.

    and now whenever i see juri I CAN FEEL HER INTENSITY like her whole character is brought out i think its so amazing yeah yeah yeah

  6. 6 upper east sider

    yay okay i just need to spazz just a bit more. i love how both juri and eita stepped out of their conventional “idol-y” status with their looks! i mean, on screen you don’t see juri as a short-haired girl who plays ruka, she IS ruka! they don’t stand out just because they look different but acting was good! eita keeps you guessing.. is he or is he not.. gay? on the other hand, i kept seeing masami as this girl who’s supposed to ACT like the battered girl! quite unnatural, which is too bad, LF has soo much potential! like when michiru first met ruka, she had this high pitched fakish laugh when she hugged her. lol, like that was convincing? not hating on her or anything but… we’ll see how it goes! watched ep 4! ryo improved a bit unlike the last eps where he always seemed half-asleep.0_0 where do you watch LF subbed?

  7. to lisa: HAHAHAHA yes i saw those CMs of SOSHI and DBSK… HAHAHAHAHA DBSK is prettier than soshi! AND I KNOW OMG i feel so… BETRAYED BY TOP! He was supposed to be waiting for MEEEEEEEEEEEEEEeee (HA HA HA) and LISA! thought you said BIG BANG was UNCOOL, and AH BENG, and you didn’t like them?!?!?!?!HAHA you obviously do!!! you’re a VIP more than a CASSIOPEIA!! ADMIt IT!!!

    to upeer east sider: shin min ah can be classy for all she wantsssssssssssssss BUT BUT BUT it’s TOP!!! *fangirl irrationality* hahaha anyway why do you and lisa BOTH like eita?!?! i first saw him at Sapuri and i felt a viseral dislike for him…eeeeeek. although i agree that ryo.. is not much of an actor (even though i haven’t watched LF)… HAHa.he was quite unimpressive in 1 litre of tears tho… a bit…. cringe-worthy. i mean, lke awkward-ish. ahhhhhh long day exam tmr peace out!

  8. to summy: Thanks!! haha yes and JE is paranoid. but it’s prob also because they don’t really have a younger generation kimutaku so they better milk the kimutaku golden cow for all its worth nowww .. like i was thinking about it i think nino is probably the most credible actor they have in the ranks… but nino isn’t a kimutaku type to have that kind of broad appeal? he should go arthouse route (imho)

    whilst pretty faces like kame, akanishi, yamapi, ryo…. well frankly i don’t really think they’ll have ‘staying power’? moreover their faces (except for ryo maybe) aren’t the type that would continue to look nice OLD? i think lah. like takeshi kaneshiro has that kind of face, 40 + also can look sexy/cute/handsome etc etc. kimutaku also, but less aura (possibly cos of short legs haha). but can you imagine akanishi old? i think he’d just look weird-ish.

    lisa what you think? (if you even have time to check back here haha)

  9. 9 leighton

    i think JE acted on the initial shock that finally kimutaku is not number one. but i saw one recent poll done by Nikkei Ent. (not sure) on who’s the best looking celeb, and guess who won? kimutaku! surprise, surprise. come on, people! his golden days should come to an end! it’s getting boring already! so second is fukuyama masaharu. pfft!

    to superoldgranny: i agree! even those pretty-faced JE boys have their days when… fangirls who go kyaaa will go ehhh? i mean, lately yamapi’s looking so starved (feed him something, anything please!!) with those sunken cheeks and sullen eyes, frankly, he looks just tired of it all! are they trying to bring back his orange-hair stand up skinny look?? and ryo also looks pretty exhausted and stoned especially during kanjani cons where he just stands there and does his weird wave while everyone else flails around. jin? eyebags. nuff said. i’m not bashing, i love these boys but let’s be honest! JE overworks them! chinen will probably look like nakai if they keep this up. lol!

    point is, can’t think of any young “idol” right now who can dethrone kimutaku. *flails angrily* looks wise. but as for talent? acting chops go to nino and ryo (until further improvement) and probably tegomass in singing?

  10. 10 lisa

    to ues(hehehehhe can i abbreviate? ^^): ah i totally agree with you on masami, i just watched her before on proposal daisakusen but she strikes me as the conventional i am not so pretty but cho kawaii type but her voice is QUITE annoying especially when ryo starts beating her up then she squeaks and stuff, but anyway, i think i just hate cute girls hahahahah and i lOVE GAY BOYS!!!!!! hahahhhaha yeah right but eitas character is so much love…. as is ruka!!! and you are right she IS RUKA it reminds me of skip beat(this manga i read) where the actor is totally immersed in her role i thought it could never be possible!!!!! so pro kyaaaaaaaa > :> :>

    CHOON: NOOOOOOOoooooooooo I WILL NEVER BE A VIPER!!!! actually i dont want to be called a cassiopeia either cos i hate yucky ugly fangirls (yux hahahahaha) so DONT ASSOCIATE ME WITH THEM!!!!! i am a dong bang fan only!!!!!! hahahahah but then i think big bang quite cool LAH. I LIKE THEM OK!!!!! but they are different from dbsk!!!! but cute hehehhehe anyway i first watched eita in kimi wa petto and liked him ever since 😛 i really liked his character in nc as well (especially his shades and vests I LOVE HIS STYLE TOO COOL FOR SKOOL) yeah yeah yeah

    anyway on JE BOYS….. i think everyone should just worship kimutaku, even though hes not actually that great… but hes kimutaku (hahahah) and all other johnnys boys cannot compare to him. i dont even want to think about yamapi and kame and jin when they are old. actually i dont really like kimutaku when he is old either so my conclusion is….TAKESHI IS FOREVER!!!<33333 I LOVE TAKESHI!!!!!!!!! and as fans we should just stick to cute young boys ahahhaha and of course dbsk <33333333 i wonder if the boys will get married. yampi should get married then he will be happier. i watched jonentsu tairiku and it was heart breaking he was just so sad its like people always complain how he has no expression but hes like that because thats what being in JE made him? :< i think about his younger days he was so cute then. ryo as well. YOU ARE RIGHT HE LOOKS SO TIRED. ACTUALLY THEY ALL LOOK DAMN TIRED AND JADED ALL THE TIME. :<

    i feel so sad now….

    but anyway, jin should just become a skanky whore like he already is ahahhahaha but i like him still. i think he might look good old though haha like a pimp.

  11. 11 blaire

    speaking of young johnny’s who might look good old, that massu kid whose face doesn’t get old and looks the same exact way as in his junior days. but i doubt that he’ll be kimutaku material. he’s a cute, good kid, but kinda dull. i can see yoko from kanjani as the next nakai/ utaban host, and other eito members (‘cept ohkura) doing comedy, perhaps forming duos like those hosts in hey hey hey. yamapi will probably be the next CM king, matsujun as drama princess, takki and tsubasa the next kinki kids, and Toma as the next nagase. and kat-tun will vanish like dust. (insert evil laugh harharhar~) these are just baseless speculations anyway.

    that’s the trouble with sempai/kouhai system in JE, the young ones are bound to become “the next (insert legend here)” and not make their own name, unless they’re really good and surpass the oldies. but i doubt if they can get away from their shadow.

  12. 12 upper east sider

    to superoldgranny: i didn’t like eita either in sapuri simply because that drama kinda sucked. so bad. couldn’t get past 3 episodes, lol. try LF!! it’s so addicting, it’s not healthy! although i must admit there’s a whole lot of drama in there to last a lifetime, and there are some cliches but they put in those cliches in a refreshing and almost scandalous way (if that makes sense). and by cliche i mean masami. ROFL.

    to lisa: i watched that yamapi jonentsu too! and nino’s! nino even said a lot has to be sacrificed to be an idol (or something to that effect). boy, do they look so depressed and emo (for lack of a better term). in reality, they’re supposed to be the luckiest boys since they’re making gazillions even below the age of 20. or do they really? makes me wonder what happens behind JE’s curtains. they control EVERYTHING. i mean, come on! lighten up and give the boys some space! you don’t see dbsk brooding like the whole world is on their shoulders! as they say, the more you control something, the more it lets loose. i.e. jin. lololol.

    btw, are you singaporean? i noticed you always say “lah,” no offense though, i just have lots of sg friends who say the same thing.:p

  13. haha yes we’re singaporean!!!! ok this is real short cos gotta get back to mugging! why am i online! *horror*

  14. 14 lisa

    ues(hahahahah i luv this): NOOOO YOURE WRONG!!!! most of the dbsk fans all believe/know that they are actually being manipulated by lee soo man. you just know it. i actually think all our boys are really poor thing(what terrible english this is a singaporean coined term haha) they arent that happy at all. DBSK AS WELL :<:<:< nowadays they look so tired and then you see them and you look at their face and you can tell they are exhausted T_T and like changminnie who used to be healthy, is now freaking skinny. like compared to last time. and he said the thing he loves most is eating. does that make sense?!?!!

    anyway i totally approve of all the boys partying gay or straight or trans or whatever cos i love bad boys hahaha they are the real deal!!!!!!!

    hehehe and yes i am singaporean actually that lah was for an exaggerated effect hence the caps. (am not particularly fond of singlish) from your nick name i get the impression you are from amerika!!!!!!! hahaha like the upper east sid LOL. is that where michigan is?!??! or chicago?!??! which side is the upper east side lol


  15. 15 upper east sider

    hey hey lisa nice to hear from you again! what i meant about dbsk was that they’re usually not as dark as some of our JE boys, lol. even though they’re deadbeat you can tell they’re trying to liven it up a bit. but the others, well,,, just sit there like a wallflower (ahem, Ohkura, love the guy, but please speak!!). sure, we can’t expect them to be all giddy and high all the time, but, at least they have to liven up esp. during talk shows. maybe they’re shy but they’re also TV personalities, so part of their job is to entertain… doesn’t JE always say they sell dreams? not nightmares? lol. pi is often said to have low tension but maybe that’s because they’ve been starving him?? how can he change from the very slightly chubby cutie in nobuta to what he is now? POOR THING! lol. really. he SHOULD EAT! and chang min! but yeah all of them are held by their necks, by their companies, otherwise they couldn’t milk them for money. saaad. BUT that’s what they get for being famous! like they say, fame’s a b*tch, but it still has its perks.

    then again, we still love those shy, mysterious brooding types, right? but not too dark to the point of being scary. those things should be in proper moderation imo.

    btw, i’m asian (that’s why I love Jpop and some Kpop) but i am now up in NY (ues, lol) for a little vaca~ anyhoodles, do you have an LJ/email so we can share vids/fangirl? i’ve a lot in my PC and i want to get rid of some of them because it’s clogging up. i’m spreading them so they won’t get wasted. don’t worry, i won’t stalk. lol.:p

  16. 16 lisa

    hellooooo i’m back!!! heheheheh i about the boys…..the poor boys. i bet when they were young and still impressionable (like pi when he was 16) something happened and when they tried to rise up the jimusho crushed their spirits and backbones or something which is why they are like that now….. LOL. hahahahhaah.

    and i knoooooooooo!!!!! actually i wonder if pi was happier during the nobuta era, he was like a joychild or something!!!(on the show) at least he seemed genuinely happy :/ the first show i watched with pi in it was nobuta and thats where i started liking him from so :<<<<<<<< and i have LJ, yay! its linked to my name so just click on it we can be LJ friends \(^_^)/ hehheheh i dont actually collect videos (i only have a few of dbsk) because my computer is already clogged LOL but if you like dbsk, i have a million photos of them haha 😀

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